About Me

Greetings!  I'm Victoria… 

A university educator and writer.  I've been teaching for 13 years and writing since I was 8 years old.  I write creative non-fiction and my goal once I get my PhD is to go back and get my MFA in CNF.  I have written fiction in the past, too.  I can't describe the excitement of having a piece of writing that you worked so hard on and cherish published for others to see and enjoy!  Such a wonderful feeling!! 

I'm a loving wife to my amazing hubby, Frank. 
I'm a fabulous mom to our sweet boy, Nolan who’s 9. 
I'm a PhD candidate working on my dissertation.  I'm getting my PhD in Education with a specialization in Instructional Design & Online Learning.  
I have a BA & MA in English with a Graduate certification is Advanced Writing & one in Technical Communication & Writing.  
I teach all things English and writing for several colleges and universities in the midwest and across the country!  95% of my work is done online so I can be home with our son. 

I'm a Christian. 
I believe in my religion strongly.
I believe in my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ & am saved by his love & grace. 

I'm a girly-girl & love shoes, jewelry, clothes & makeup: especially lipstick/lip-gloss! 
I love candles & all pretty things. 
BUT my love of jewelry, shoes, purses & coats (yes, I said coats!) outweighs my love of candles! 
My biggest addiction is probably to lip-gloss! So..I have a bit of an addictive personality! 
No judging! Victoria does have secrets! :) 

I love my little family of three & the work I do for my career/education. 
I'm a DEVOUT Nebraska fan & bleed RED with my Husker-loving Hubby!  (And yes, I felt like I needed to bold and highlight this in Husker Red for emphasis!) :)  Go Big Red!!

I'm sister to my wonderful twin, Alesha who is married to a wonderful man, Mark!  Love both my sister and brother-in-law!

I'm a daughter to great parents, Mike & Judy. And they are awesome because they let me and my sis nickname them: Diz (short for Juddizzle) & Cowboy (short for Space Cowboy!)  They're the best!!

 I'm also the most awesome of aunts to my cool-as-heck nephew Jacob (son of my deceased older sister, Jennifer).

 I enjoy cooking, reading, writing, watching TV/movies and just generally chilling with my family. 
I'm a great friend & I love deeply. 

I've been through many trials in my short life (More to come on those later), but I believe it's not the number of times you fall, but the number of times you get up after the fall that matters. 

Welcome to our house!   We hope you enjoy the view!


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