Monday, January 23, 2017

Where Have I Been???

 That is the question....

Lots have happened in the 10 months I've not blogged.  So where have I been?  What have I been up to?

1. My niece Daphne who was born in March is an absolute joy!  She is the light of our lives.  She's so special and just so lovable!  I can't get enough of her!  She's 10 months and will be 1 year soon!  Love her!
2. My grandfather passed away in April.  He went to be with my grandmother.  It was his time.
3. My son played another season of baseball and we followed him around to those games!
4. My son's team won the little league baseball championship this year too!  It was a GREAT season!!
5.We went to church camp again this year.  Fun as always and a good family time away.
6. We went to DisneyWorld in late summer before school started and had an AMAZING time!  We soaked it all up at all of the DisneyWorld parks.  My favorite was Disney Hollywood Studios!  Such an amazing, amazing time!
7. On the same Disney trip we spent the last part of it at the Beach at Cocoa Beach in Florida.  It was fantastic!  LOVE the ocean!!  Our son's first trip on a plane and to the ocean!
8. We also went to Kennedy Space Center which was SUPER cool!  Lots to see there and we got to meet an actual astronaut!  So fun!
9. School started and Nolan is now a Middle Schooler.  He's in the 5th grade.
10. School is going great this year, unlike last year!  Which was a nightmare!  He had the WORST teacher ever!  She was horrible!  And so mean to him!  Just a bad, bad year.  So happy this year is SO much better!
11.  The holidays came and went much too quickly!  Each one was a good time for our family.  Lots to be thankful for and we enjoyed the warmth of the season.
12.  Now we're in the doldrums of winter here in Iowa.  And I hate it!  I need some warmth!!  I need some sunshine!  I NEED Spring!  Like 50-some days to go!  Ugh!
13. I and some classmates are planning the 25 and 50 year alumni banquet and reunion for our school.  It's an annual tradition and being the 25 year class we have to plan it.  So we started last week and have lots of great ideas and plans started.  It's going to be a great time!
14. Nolan's birthday is Wednesday and he'll be 11!  WOW!  Where does the time go!?
15. My birthday is in 2 weeks.  Excited about that!
16. Found out Friday I have to have surgery.  It's out-patient but still surgery none-the-less.  We'll see how that goes.
17.  And it's still winter....Come on Spring!  Get here soon!
18.  Still working on my Dissertation.  Still trying for a PhD.  Never-ending battle it seems.  One step forward....2 back.  Hoping to be done by September.  Fingers crossed!

So that's where I've been in a nutshell. Lots has happened.  But a lot has stayed the same.  Just living life as it day at a time.  I guess that's all we can do and hope for.  Hope where you're at it's lovely and you're loving life!  Once I get through another Monday, I think I'll be good.  For the record....I HATE MONDAYS!  Just call me Garfield! :)

On a Happy Note....

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view.  Take care....


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