Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spring Cleaning!

Saturday and Sunday we cleaned my office in the basement.  Did a little spring cleaning if you will.  I am really looking forward to having my space back and looking spotless.  Well, as spotless as it can get with tons of Dissertation research hanging around!   So we spring cleaned and organized my office!  I couldn't wait to actually WANT to go down there and do my work and writing soon, too!  I couldn't wait to dust it and have it smell better.  Knock all of the dust and cobwebs out!   Saturday we did all of the cleaning and Sunday I did all of the organizing.  I had a mountain of research to go through and organize.  And, it's all done!  I am so happy with how my office looks and feels now! :)

Here's some before and after pictures...

BEFORE:  (So messy!)

AFTER:  (Clean, Organized and Ready to Go!)

We finally hung our Diplomas in the office!  Such good motivation! :)

So there you have it!  A good day of cleaning and organization!  Couldn't have done it without my awesome hubby!  He was such a BIG help!!  Now I'm ready to go down there and work on my Dissertation.  Make the magic happen! :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view. 

Until Next Time....


Terra Heck said...

It looks great. It always feels nice when we get a big task like that accomplished.

Victoria S. said...

Hi Terra! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, it is such a great feeling to have it done and looking/feeling better! Makes me want to use it now! :)

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