Thursday, March 10, 2016

Just call me Aunt Victoria

So sorry I have been absent this past week!   I've been very busy for a very good reason!  Almost one week ago, I became an Aunt again!  It's been 25, almost 26 years since I first became an aunt when our sister had Jacob Michael, our nephew.  Well, on Saturday,  my twin sister delivered a healthy baby girl: Daphne Jennifer.  And my world kind of stopped with her arrival!  I've been at the hospital visiting them, at their house, to the Pediatrician with name it I've been there!  I love this little lady so so much!!  She is just a peanut!  She's adorable too!  As you can see below.  She is a good snuggler and likes to be close to you.  I love snuggling her!  It's been 10 years since I've really been around a newborn and I am in love!  I just want to get my hands on her any chance I can get!  So now I introduce to you Daphne Jennifer.  Her middle name is from our sister Jennifer who was killed in a car accident 24 years ago.  So it holds very special meaning.  And she wears the name well!  She even has beautiful dark hair like our sister, too!  Truly, this baby is a beautiful little miss!  Here she is.....

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view.

Until Next Time....


Terra Heck said...

She's absolutely adorable. Congrats on the addition to the family. Being an aunt is great.

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