Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Shopping!

Today is Saturday!  So we're going to do some shopping!  But, let's do it from the comfiness of home and our jammies!  Online shopping is the best!   Today we're going to be shopping at one of my favorite places....Old Navy. This time of year the fall/winter clothes sales are the best!  Right now you get 15% off your order and so much is on clearance!  Lets see what we can find!

This sweater:  I love this striped sweater!  It's roomy, yet somehow structured, too.  I like that you can wear a button-up underneath.  And at $18 it doesn't break the bank! :) 

This jacket:  I love this jacket!  In both colors!  I like that you can cinch the sides and make it a more custom fit.  Good stuff! 

Lounge pants:  Who doesn't love a good pair of jammy/lounge pants!  And these have comfy written all over them! 

This sweatshirt:  Because your jammy/lounge pants need a friend! :) 

These pants:  I love the drawstring and relaxed fit.  Definitely my style! And you can dress them up or down. 

This purse:  Super, super cute!  I love the texture on it.  Something you don't see all of the time!  Again, so cute! 

These shoes:  Because your pants and top need to be accessorized! :)
This scarf! Again, because you must accessorize!  And this scarf is super cute! Oh and only $13.00! 
Well, that's it!  Lots of good finds!  I had a great time!  How about you!?  I hope so!  Definitely check out Old Navy online or in the store for some great pieces and sales!  

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view. 

Until Next Time.....


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