Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Shopping!

It's another Saturday!  So we're going to go shopping!  Today we're going to shop at my favorite place....Target!  You can't leave Target with just one thing! :)  If I were to go to Target these are a few things I would buy and take home.

1.  This top  I love the way this drapes and hide all of the flaws!

2. These boots  I know they're pricey, but so super cute!  I love the wedge!  And I love the panel that goes over a wider calf.

3. These jammy pants:  Love the wide leg!

4. These pants:  They had me at slimming!!

5. This purse!  Love all of the colors it comes in!  But the brown is beautiful and my favorite!

So that's my shopping trip today!  Wish I had a Target close so I could go and buy some items!  But I do have online! :)  These are cute, fun and so me!  Hope you had fun!  

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view. 

Until Next Time....


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