Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites, Friday Fun!

Today I'm linking up with Momfessionals, A Liz Adventures, Cup of Tea and The Farmer's Wife for more Friday fun!

1. New glasses!  Nolan didn't have school today so we took him to the eye doctor for new glasses. I'm glad we went because his prescription had changed.  And eye health is so important!  After the appt with the doctor he picked out new glasses and new sport glasses for soccer and baseball!   We went to have lunch with Daddy after the doctors appt. which was fun!  It was a good afternoon together!

2. The weather here has been gorgeous these past few days!  50s and 60s in Iowa!  Can't beat that!  It's supposed to last through the weekend and I'm loving it!  Nolan has been off school since Tuesday and he's been enjoying the weather rand lots of outside time!  I love days like this that come along in February and March!  Makes it feel like spring and makes the wait for spring to finally get here that much easier! :)

3. I ordered this new eye cream and can't wait to get it.  I've been noticing my eyes have been dry and that leads to more wrinkles and crow's feet!  So I am excited to get it and start using it!

4.  Elizabeth, our dog, got a day at the spaw!  She was definitely in need of one!  So today she went to the puppy spaw and had her day of beauty!   She looks so much better!  Sorry for the bad picture.  She wouldn't sit still for me to get a good one of her "new 'do!" :)

5.  My nails are bright and cheery for spring!  Kayla did them on Wednesday and I love the color we chose!  So springy and cheery!  Now when I type, I have something pretty to look at! :)

So there you have it!  Simple list for this week!  But it was a pretty simple week.  Busy, but simple.
Hope your week was great and your weekend is even better!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view.

Until Next Time.....


NY Foodie Family said...

My daughter is due for new glasses as well. I just set her appointment to get her eyes checked. We are looking at a high of 55 today which will be nice. That nail color is so springy! Have a great weekend!

Katie C said...

That nail color is so pretty! Perfect for Spring cheer. And hooray for Spring weather! We've finally got a little too. It's been such a nice change! Hope you've had a great weekend!

Katie @ Cup of Tea

Victoria Stamm said...

Hi Katie! I love the color! Really anything spring-like right now is alright by me! :) We have been loving this great weather, too! Love being outside and not bundled up!! Gives me hope that spring is right around the corner! Yay! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, too! :)

Victoria Stamm said...

Hi NY Foodie Family! Thanks for stopping by! I'm so happy to have you visit. Hope you've had a great weekend and enjoyed your lovely weather! Stop back anytime!! Take care. :)

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