Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites and Friday Fun!

Today I am linking up with Momfessionals, Cup of Tea, The Farmers Wife and A Liz Adventures for some Friday fun!  Here goes....

1. I love this mask!  I got it a week ago and have been religiously using it nightly since then.  My face is so soft and smooth now and I don't have that nasty, flaky skin from this dry, gross weather!  This mask is amazing and I will be using it forever!  Or as long as they make it. Which I hope is forever! :)

2. Saturday we're cleaning and organizing my office in the basement.  I can't wait to get it all clean and looking fresh! And smelling fresh!  And I can't wait to organize all of my dissertation research!  It's a mess down there and it makes me not want to go and work.  So a good, spring cleaning will be helpful!  I may make a trip to Walmart today to get some good organizing items!  Yay! :)

3. Spring is coming!  This weekend and next week, the weather is supposed to be really nice!  Like REALLY nice!  After my office cleaning, I plan to get out and enjoy it!   Spring is in the Air! :)

4. Soap operas....So I've been watching Days of Our Lives lately when I'm home working and I can see why it's always been my go-to soap.  I haven't watched it in years!  But in college it was THE soap to watch!  And now,  I am getting kind of a addicted to it again and the story lines.  Eeek!  We'll see where this goes!   I may even start recording it!  What!? :)

5. My body wash is the best!  I love how smooth it makes my skin.  And how soft!  I also love the smell!  Plus, you can find it at Walmart, Walgreens, Target etc and it doesn't break the bank!  I get the White Peach and Orange Blossom.  Seriously, it smells the best!

Well, that's my five for this week!  Hope you enjoyed it and have a terrific weekend!  

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view. 

Until Next Time....


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