Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites, 5 on Friday and High Five for Friday!

Here we are....another Friday!  And I'm linking up with A Liz Adventures, Momfessionals and Cup of Tea for a little Friday Favorites, 5 on Friday and High Five for Friday!  Here we go!

1.  Urban Decay - Naked:  I got the first Naked palette for my birthday and I'm in love!  It was such a great birthday present and my hubby is the best!!  Can't wait to collect the other ones, too!  

2. Cats and Dogs:  My parents are out of town for the week so we are watching their little dog, Sophie.  It's crazy how one extra dog can cause such a stir!  Our cat HATES Sophie and Sophie HATES the cat!  So they bark, hiss and growl at each other constantly!  Can't wait for my parents return from Texas so their little dog will go home.  Our dog, Elizabeth just ignores them both.  She's such a good dog!  But seriously,  It's like Wild Kingdom in our house! :) 




3. Wool socks:  I got new wool socks this week because my others had holes in them.  I needed new ones and they came this week.  Love them!!  And my feet thank me for them!

4. My Birthday!  Wednesday was my birthday and I had such a good day!  I got to sleep in, drink my coffee and get my nails done.  My good friend Kayla is my nail gal and so it was great visiting with her while she did my nails!  And they turned out lovely!   Then I went to lunch with my twin sister at a great restaurant in our town called, Roux's.  The lunch was great and we had a nice time visiting.  And I got a Pineapple Mango Bath and Body Works candle from Alesha!  It smells so good and like summer!  We had a yummy dinner and then red velvet birthday cake for dessert!  I got to open my cards and gifts, too.  Oh and Frank had flowers delivered to me!  It was a great birthday!!  I am truly blessed. :)

5. Birthday dinner/date!  On Saturday night my boys are taking me to Kobe Steakhouse for a birthday dinner/date.  It's our favorite restaurant and I can't wait to go and eat a yummy dinner with Frank and Nolan!  Yay!  
This was the last time we went to Kobe a year ago!

Well, that's my 5 this week!  Hope your week was special and fantastic!  Here's to the weekend!!  

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view.

Until Next Time...


jessica // creative index said...

Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had a great day!! :)
And those pups!!! So cute!! But I totally get it... We had to watch my sis-in-laws dog for a few days and it was a pain trying to keep the dogs separate!

Victoria Stamm said...

Hi Jessica! Thanks for the birthday greetings! I appreciate that! Yes, those pups are cute, but they're sassy and a little naughty! Especially Sophie, the little dog. She's a pistol! Thanks again for stopping by! Come back anytime! :)

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