Monday, February 29, 2016

Cub Scout Banquet!

Last night, Nolan had his Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet.  It was a nice event.  The dinner was good, too.  The boys got to do skits and received badges and pins for their accomplishments so far this year.  Nolan also got to be in the Color Guard and carry in the American flag.  He was very excited about that!   All-in-all it was a  good evening and yearly event.  We have the Pinewood Derby coming up in a couple of weeks and then the last one is the Bridging Ceremony in April.  That's where the Scouts "bridge" from one level to another.  Nolan will become a Webelos 2.  After that it's Boy Scouts!  

Don't be alarmed....Batman was there to help out.  At the last meeting the boys held a "caucus" and Batman won the caucus.  So he came to the dinner and event!  He helped pass out pins and badges.  The boys loved it! :) 

Here are some pics from the evening....  

So that's all for today. It was a busy weekend!  But a good one.  Hope yours was good too! 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites and Friday Fun!

Today I am linking up with Momfessionals, Cup of Tea, The Farmers Wife and A Liz Adventures for some Friday fun!  Here goes....

1. I love this mask!  I got it a week ago and have been religiously using it nightly since then.  My face is so soft and smooth now and I don't have that nasty, flaky skin from this dry, gross weather!  This mask is amazing and I will be using it forever!  Or as long as they make it. Which I hope is forever! :)

2. Saturday we're cleaning and organizing my office in the basement.  I can't wait to get it all clean and looking fresh! And smelling fresh!  And I can't wait to organize all of my dissertation research!  It's a mess down there and it makes me not want to go and work.  So a good, spring cleaning will be helpful!  I may make a trip to Walmart today to get some good organizing items!  Yay! :)

3. Spring is coming!  This weekend and next week, the weather is supposed to be really nice!  Like REALLY nice!  After my office cleaning, I plan to get out and enjoy it!   Spring is in the Air! :)

4. Soap operas....So I've been watching Days of Our Lives lately when I'm home working and I can see why it's always been my go-to soap.  I haven't watched it in years!  But in college it was THE soap to watch!  And now,  I am getting kind of a addicted to it again and the story lines.  Eeek!  We'll see where this goes!   I may even start recording it!  What!? :)

5. My body wash is the best!  I love how smooth it makes my skin.  And how soft!  I also love the smell!  Plus, you can find it at Walmart, Walgreens, Target etc and it doesn't break the bank!  I get the White Peach and Orange Blossom.  Seriously, it smells the best!

Well, that's my five for this week!  Hope you enjoyed it and have a terrific weekend!  

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view. 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Today I'm linking up with The Larson LingoMix and Match Family and Pinterest Told Me To for a What's up Wednesday!  The list of what I will be talking about is above.  So no time like the present to find out "what is up!" for this month! :) 

What I'm.....

Eating:  We've been eating leftovers the last few days.  Lasagna, homemade chicken noodle soup, etc.  Last night was spaghetti night!  Nothing too special.  Tonight is tuna noodle casserole!  Mmmmmm....

Reminiscing About: Our pup, Cooper and Nolan when he was little.  My sister shared this picture and it really stuck with me.  They were the best of friends!  Right from the start.   Cooper passed away almost a year ago.  We miss him terribly!

Loving: Loving that Grey's Anatomy is back!  It's been off for like 2.5 months!  These first 2 episodes back have been good! 

Been up to: Just hanging with my family and trying to get through winter!  We get a few nice days and then comes the snow again.  Never-ending cycle!  But it's more bearable with my family.  :)

Dreading:  Working on my Dissertation.  Chapter 1 is kicking my butt and I'm not looking forward to working on it this weekend.  No fun!

Working on:  My Dissertation.  That's it.  That's what I work on.  Boo!  But being Dr. Stamm will make it worth it.  I just have to keep that in mind!

Excited about:  Spring coming!  I love the days when it's in the air!  I can feel it!  Makes the winter so much more bearable! 

Reading: Nothing interesting.  My Dissertation manual and Dissertation research.  Pretty darn boring!

Watching:  The Bachelor and Downton Abbey!  Love them both!   Nice dichotomy too! :)

Listening to:  Right now:  The Doctors on TV.   It's an interesting show.  I learn some new things when I watch it. 

Wearing:  Either my dress clothes for work or track pants and a sweatshirt for working at home.  Nothing special.

Doing this weekend: Working on my Dissertation. 

Looking forward to next month: My sister is due in March with my niece.  Looking forward to  finally meeting her!

What else is new: Not much.  Pretty boring around here.  Business as usual! :)

Favorite Easter Tradition:  I love the Easter egg hunt that we do for Nolan and usually one of his friends.  Since he's an only child he invites a friend to come and do the hunt with him.  It's always fun to watch them run around and find the eggs!  We make it harder and harder each year! :) 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring is in the Air!

The weather here has been so nice this past week!   Like 50s and 60s in February!  In Iowa!  What!?  But that's not unusual this time of year in our area.  We get these little tastes and glimpses of spring and it makes me long for it to be here!  Today, I was sitting in my chair working, and I heard a bird chirping and singing outside our living room window!  What a glorious sound!!   Even when it's in the 40s outside I still feel that spring is in the air.  The snow is melting and the earth is starting to come alive.  My parents have new grass growing in their front lawn!  One of my friends posted a picture on FB of some flowers starting to pop up in her front flower beds!  Spring is definitely around the corner.  I can feel it!  Can you?  What signs of spring are you seeing and hearing?  

What a great feeling it is to go outside and feel the warmth of the sun and the warm air on your skin.  What a great sound to hear the birds starting to chirp and sing again.  What a great sight to see the earth start to revive and come alive!  Flowers and trees will be blooming soon!  Spring is almost here! :) 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view. 

Until Next Time.....

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