Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Today I'm linking up with The Larson Lingo, Mix and Match Family and Pinterest Told Me To for a What's up Wednesday!  The list of what I will be talking about is above.  So no time like the present to find out "what is up!" :) 

What I'm.....

Eating:  Homemade spaghetti sauce/spaghetti for Nolan's 10th birthday!  My sauce is amazing and one of my favorite meals!  Sorry, I don't have any pictures.  Was too busy eating! :)  My sauce is called "California Style Spaghetti Sauce" and I've been making it since high school home economics!  (A LONG time ago!)  It's SO good! 

Reminiscing about:  Nolan turning 10.  Can't believe my baby boy is 10 years old!  Double digits!!  Here he is at his 10th birthday party! 

Loving:  I am loving not having to wear my boot to go work!  That thing is cumbersome and annoying!  I love being free of it! :)  The toe is healing and that makes me happy!

Been up to:  We went to a UNO Omaha Mavericks hockey game on Saturday and had a great time!  It was a fun pre-birthday celebration for Nolan. He got to take a friend and loved having a buddy with him! Had Nolan's big party on Saturday!  That was an event!  I'll be doing a post about that later this week. 

Dreading:  More winter weather.  It's supposed to get into the upper 40's this week, but more winter weather is on the way for next week.  Bleck!  I do not like winter!!  Hence my post about hating winter last week!   Come on Spring! 

Working on:  My dissertation.  That's all.  Pretty boring stuff! 

Excited about:  My twin sister Alesha's baby shower on Sunday!  We're having it at my mom's house and it should be a good time!  Can't wait to see my friends and all of the great gifts she's going to get for the baby!

Watching:  We just got done binge watching The Royals.  Love it!   And we're still watching and LOVING The Blacklist.  Both are great shows!  Then there's my usual watching for the week: Downton Abbey, New Girl, Grey's Anatomy, The Goldberg's, Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, The Americans, The Good Witch and of course, The Bachelor! Such a train wreck, but I love it!!  I'm excited about Fuller House on Netflix starting too!  I love TV! :) 

Reading:  Dissertations.  I'm reading lots of different dissertations to see how to start my writing and structure it.  Again, pretty boring stuff!

Listening to:  The Jersey Boys radio on Pandora.  Lots of good, old songs and songs from the Jersey Boys Broadway show and movie.  Love it!

Wearing:  My PJ's.  I am a comfy clothes kind a gal.  If I don't have track pants and a sweatshirt on, I have my pjs on.  When I get home from work, I immediately put on my pjs.  It's usually my pj pants and a comfy sweatshirt.   That's my go-to look!  Again, not very fancy, but I work mostly from home so comfy and causal is the name of the game! 

Doing this weekend:  Besides my sister's baby shower on Sunday, we're doing a whole lot of nothing!  After last weekend and Nolan's 10th birthday, I am happy about a weekend of nothing.  Just hang around and watch TV/movies.  Maybe light a fire and pop some popcorn.  Sounds like a great winter weekend to me! :) 

Looking forward to next month:  I am looking forward to MY birthday!  I turn 42 next month and am looking forward to starting the year anew.  I am also looking forward to Frank taking me to my favorite restaurant (Kobe Steakhouse) for my birthday dinner!  Yay! :)

What else is new:  Not much!  Nolan's birthday takes up our January so I don't have too much else on the brain but that.  And my dissertation.  So that's about it. 

Bonus question:  What's my favorite Valentine's Day Treat?
I LOVE those little chocolate hearts with the marshmallow inside!  They are so yummy and just say Valentine's Day to me!  I also love to go to Starbuck's and order a mocha latte with raspberry syrup/flavor.  YUM!  That just screams V-Day to me, too!  Chocolate and raspberry.....a perfect Valentine's Day combo! :) 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view. 

Until Next Time....


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