Thursday, January 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday!

Today is throwback Thursday!  So I'm throwing back to some of Nolan when he was little.  It's his 10th birthday on Monday so I'm feeling nostalgic.  Where'd the time go!?   He was (and is) such a little cutie!  I love looking at these photos.  Just makes my heart happy.  I miss him this age too!  But, he's at a fun age now with all of the things he can do and things he's into.  Sports, etc.  We love following him around to baseball games and Tae Kwon Do tournaments!  But for today, I'm throwing it back to the early days.  And reminiscing about how fun they were.  :)

Be prepared....picture-palooza is coming at ya! :)  I just couldn't decide which ones to use!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view.

Until Next Time....


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