Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites & 5 on Friday!

Today I'm linking up with a. liz adventures and momfessionals for 5 on Friday and Friday Favorites!  It's been awhile since I've linked up so I'm excited to do it again!   Let's go!

1. Working in my jammies!  I love being home 5 days per week and working in my pj's. I teach from home Monday, Wednesday and Friday all day and Tuesday/Thursday in the morning.  It's great!   There is nothing like it!  I just love snuggling in bed in the morning, after I take Nolan to school, with my hot cup of coffee and watching some TV with the pup (and the kitty).  And then doing my work right from that warm spot.   Or sitting in my chair with my coffee and and the sun streaming in the's perfection! :)

I love these fun pics: 

^^ I have worn all of these except for the birthday suit! :)

2.  Broken toe:  NOT a favorite, but alas part of my world!  My toe was broken 2 weeks ago by a bowling ball being dropped on it.  Yes, a bowling ball!  Our son was handing me my ball and dropped it SMACK on my foot.  So I now have multiple fractures in my big toe and have to wear a boot.  Should take like 2-3 months to heal.  Ouch!  And it still hurts!  But, the bowling was fun! :)  Sorry no pics of the toe but a few of the bowling! :)

^^ Sad about my broken toe! 

3.  New glasses!  So I got new glasses on Wednesday.  Well, I picked them out on Sunday and they were done on Wednesday.  And I LOVE them!  They are so me and just make me happy.  It's the little things in life! :)

4.  I got my nails done last week and I love them!  Candice did such a good job on them and they just look and feel very "wintery" to me!  I'm a sparkle gal and these have it!  Just fun!  And it's winter in Iowa so I need that sparkle and fun whenever and wherever I can get it! :)

5.  Our new dishwasher!  So over Christmas we ordered a new dishwasher. And, well, we were supposed to get that new dishwasher tomorrow, but alas the NE Furniture Mart called today and it's delayed.  Wah-Waaahhh....  So we have to wait another 2 weeks for it!  Boo!  But, I'm still excited about it and can't wait for it to come.  All of our appliances in the kitchen will finally match!  Yay!   That's so important and such a fun feeling!  I'll post a pic or two when it finally arrives hopefully at the end of the month. :)

So that's my 5 for today!  Fun linking up with everyone!  See you next week!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view!

Until Next time....


Cait said...

everything is seriously better in pjs ha great post! so glad i found your blog through the link up!

Victoria Stamm said...

Thanks, Cait! I love having new visitors!! Stop by anytime! Have a great day! :) (Oh and I'm in my pj's as I type this!) :)

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