Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy April!

Hello, hello!  I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy April!  It's April 1st today and that makes me happy!  We're out of the "could still have snow" month and in my mind officially into the Spring months!!  That make me so happy!  The grass is getting green, the trees are starting to get bud and some are already green!  The flowers are starting to peek up from the ground and will be blooming soon!  That makes me so happy, too!  I love Spring so much and love to be outside in the warm weather watching our son play baseball, play catch with his dad in the front yard, run around the neighborhood with his friends and just genuinely enjoy life!  I like the warmer temps so I can exercise outside too.

I know the saying is April showers bring May flowers, and that is true today as we're supposed to get rain and storms later tonight.  But, you know, the rain is needed and it leads to some really beautiful grass, trees and flowers!

So let the April showers begin too!  I'm just glad we're into April and that means summer is almost here!!  Just around the corner!  Go out and make the best of the warm days and nights.  Enjoy being safe inside when the rain and storms hit.  Just enjoy the month of April!  I'm going to! :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the view!

Until Next Time....


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