Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Today I am sad.  Our Cooper is sick and that hurts my heart.  He had 2 severe seizures yesterday and had to spend the night at the vet for monitoring.  Cooper is 12 years old.  He's not a young pup.  I am just so worried about him that I am sick to my stomach!  I had to come to work and leave him home alone.  I am praying every minute I can that he is doing ok and not regressing.  I am praying for God to be with him.  I know he's being watched over, but his momma wants to be home with him and letting him sit with me in my chair while I love him and pet him.  He's my first baby and always will be!  God please be with him until I can be home to care for him.  Watching him seize last night was one of the most horrible things I have every seen! It was so scary and so very sad.  I'm glad he is doing better today and it doesn't appear to be linked to anything so that is good.  I just want him to be ok and be healthy.  Again, he's my baby!  I love him so much!  

Dear God, please be with our Cooper until we can be home to care for him, too.  Love you Cooper! 

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