Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cooper Update

Today has been a very hard day.  It's been a very rough day.  Our Cooper is still not doing good.  He has had multiple seizures all day today.  One right after the other.  It's been hard.  And I am so incredibly sad, too.  Cooper is a 12 year old English Springer Spaniel and to say that he's part of the family is an understatement!  He is my baby.  He's my first baby.  He was with me before our Nolan came along.  He was with me through my entire pregnancy and he laid right beside me in our bed right up next to my growing stomach.  He was protecting me and the baby.  He is everything to us.  To watch him go through these seizures and suffer the way he is, well, it's horrendous!  I've been to the vet twice today getting meds for him to stop the seizures.  I've laid on the cold concrete of the basement where his kennel is willing him to be ok.  I've laid beside him, stroking him gently and cried. Seems like all I've done today is cry.  I've been through hell and back today with our dog.

 I hope he is going to be ok, but only time will tell.  The medicine has to take time to move through his system so we won't know for a few days how he will react to it.  So for now, he is resting in his kennel and we're praying he is going to be ok.   We're praying that our Cooper will come back to us.  Because the dog he is right now is unrecognizable.  We're praying that all will be well.  We're praying.  Praying for Cooper.  That's all we can do.   Please pray with us.  Thank you.

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