Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What's up Wednesday!

Let's see....what's up?  

Today is a snow day.  It snowed....again!  Who's tired of winter!?  That's me!  And probably everyone else.  We're in line for more snow this weekend and first of next week.  No fun!  Spring please come soon!!

My house is a mess.  I need my housekeeper back!  I hate to clean house.  Hate it!  It's my least favorite thing to probably do in the world.   My house looks like I have 3 kids instead of the one.  Looks like I know what we're doing this snowy weekend! :/

I have to work more on my Dissertation topic approval form.  I thought it was good to go, but it's not.  Boo!  Bummer.  It's quickly becoming another least favorite thing to do!  I can't wait to get it submitted for the final time and sent back with an APPROVED attached to it!  Again....least favorite thing to do.  Grrr.....

I'm still addicted to Grey's Anatomy.  I watch the reruns on Netflix while I work.  It's becoming a problem!  I don't know how to get over it.  So I'll just keep watching and see where it goes! :)

I'm hungry.  I have nothing in the house that sounds good.  But dinner is going to be yummy!  Baked steak and potatoes for dinner.  Yum!  One of our favorites! Can't wait!

I'm sitting and working.  Grading papers and working on discussions.  It's my life.  That's what I do each day of every week.  Such is the life of an educator.

So that's what is up!  Not too much....but just enough.  Hope your Wednesday is going great!

Until Next Time....


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