Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day!

I've been thinking about Valentine's Day this week.  We're not doing anything too amazing.  Just going to stay in and chill.  And we'll probably watch a movie.  So here are some movies that I find romantic enough to watch with my Valentine! :)

1.  When Harry Met Sally (My all-time favorite!)
2.  Pride and Prejudice (My second all-time favorite!)
3.  Love Actually
4.  Sense and Sensibility
5.  Loving Leah (A great Hallmark movie!)
6.  Sleepless in Seattle
7.  Titanic
8.  Dirty Dancing
9.  Four Weddings and a Funeral (Young Hugh Grant....yes please!) ;)
10. Something Borrowed (Good looking lead guy....yes please!) :)
11. The Wedding Date

So there you have my Valentine's romantic movie go-to list!   We won't watch them all, but we'll probably watch one....maybe two. Or maybe we'll watch Downton Abbey on the DVR!  Along with having our traditional Valentine's Day fondue! (fundue!) :)   Enjoy with your Valentine!


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