Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites:  Television Edition! 
 (In no particular order!) 

1. Grey's Anatomy:  I love this show!  It's my favorite!  I have sort of a problem and addiction to this show.  I watch the current shows and I watch the reruns while I'm working.  I have a serious problem, but I LOVE having this problem!  

2. New Girl:  I "Heart" this show too!  Love the cast, love the awesome lines, one-liners, love it all!  I love everything about this show!  If you don't watch should!

3. Mindy Project:  This is such a great show!  It doesn't get the love it deserves.  It has a great cast and good story-lines!  It's a very good show!  Watch it.  You'll love it!

4. Downton Abbey:  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show!  It is a masterpiece!!  It is Fabulous!  It's SO worth watching!  If you don't watch really, really, REALLY should!  The cast is amazing and the story lines are fantastic!  

5. Scandal:  This show is great!  It gets you hooked and won't let go!  There are some parts that I don't like, but for the most part it's a great show!  Give it time.  Watch it and enjoy.  

6. Modern Family:  Love this show!  It is such a great cast and I love the stories!  It's great!

7.  The Goldbergs:  What an amazing show!!  Love this show!  It takes me back to a simpler time and place.  If you don't watch should!  You really should! :) 

8.  Nashville:  This is a great show!  It hooks me in every week!  I love the cast, the music and the stories.  It's wonderful! 

Here's some others that I love but didn't list: 

Once Upon a Time
Hart of Dixie

So as you see, we watch a lot of TV!  But they're my go-to shows for the week.  I love them!  Check them out! :)

Until Next Time....


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