Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Favorite Artist!

Today I thought I would share my favorite artist.  Confession: I don't like abstracts and paintings or pictures of nothing.  I don't like art that you can't understand, but pretend to like/understand because it makes you "cool" and well, "artsy."  I like simple works of art.  I like art that tells a story. I like art that brings up emotions and is full of emotion.  And my favorite artist/story-teller is Terry Redlin.  He's brilliant and so are his works of art!  I've been to the Redlin Museum in Watertown, South Dakota and it's A.MAZ.ING!  It's full of his original works on 3 floors!  Seriously....AMAZING!  We spent like 4 hours touring the museum and it felt like we were there like 5 minutes.  It's truly a wonderful place to visit!

Below are some of his art that we have in our home and art my favorites.  I love them so much! 

This is one that we after we were first married.  It's called "Our Friends"  Portrait of an adopted farm family.  It hangs above our fireplace and I love seeing it!  

The next four hang in a group on one wall of our living room.  They represent the four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall.  I love looking at them too! 

 Heading Home
(We got this one as a wedding present from my parents!  It was our first!  It's my favorite!) :)

 Spring Fever


Autumn Evening

All of these tell a story and have such amazing features to them.  All of the little nuances of the pictures are perfection.  They are so detailed and perfectly painted.  I love them so!  

So there you have it....that's my favorite artist.  Terry Redlin.  

Below are pictures of the Redlin Art Center/Museum in Watertown, SD.   A great place to visit! 

Redlin Museum

Redlin Campus

Redlin Campus/Museum/Art Center

Thanks for sharing in my favorite artist and his works of art! 

Until Next Time....


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