Friday, February 13, 2015

5 on Friday!

1.  Grey's Anatomy.  I love this show!  I love watching reruns of it, too.  Just makes me happy!   Such a great show!

2.  My Husker blanket.  I love the blanket that Alesha and Mark gave me for Christmas!  It's so comfy and cozy!  It make me happy and comfortable, too!  Especially when I'm watching a good movie or my shows! :)

3. Coffee.  Sweet nectar of the Gods!  I love it so much!  I love it with my favorite creamers, too.  Can't start my day without some coffee in my hand!  Coffee and my Husker blanket.  Love it! 

4.  Barry Manilow.  Went to the concert this week and had such a great time!  So much fun and great music!  Love me some Barry Manilow!

5. Valentine's Day.  We're not doing too much on the big day.  Nolan has an eye doctor appt. and we're going to have some fondue and watch a movie.  Or Downton Abbey that we haven't watched from last week.  Valentine's Day isn't going to be anything spectacular.  But I'll have the two loves of my life with me so it's all good!  


Emily Powell said...

I haven't watched Grey's in years...maybe I should catch up :)

Victoria Stamm said...

It's such a great show! You should catch up! I don't know how they make it fresh and new every year, but they do! I love it! :) Thanks for visiting my blog!! Appreciated! :)

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