Saturday, February 28, 2015

Terry Redlin Art Follow-up!

Today I am going to do a follow-up on my Terry Redlin Art post from the other day.  One of my friends and readers wanted to see my Redlin art in my home.  So I took some pictures and am posting them here for review.  Thanks for stopping by!   Have a great day! :)

 Our Friends above the fireplace mantel 

Autumn Evening, Heading Home, Summertime & Spring Fever on one wall

So there you have it!  My Redlins in our living room.  I love them so much and LOVE looking at them!  There are so many others I would love to own.  I'd cover my walls with them!  Someday I'll have more!  Someday. For now enjoy my view! 

Until Next Time...

Friday, February 27, 2015

5 on Friday!

Today is 5 on Friday day!  So no time like the present!  

1.  My wet brush:  I love the wet brush.  If you have longer hair and don't own one, well, you should! It's a miracle beauty tool!  I love it and thank my friend Kayla who's a hair stylist for turning me onto it!   Yay, miracle brush! :) 

2. The weather:  I am loathing and detesting this weather we're having in Iowa!  I can't wait for the spring!  Right now it's almost March and we're having below zero temps and snow, snow and more snow!  I hate it!  But, spring is just around the corner.   Positive thoughts!  Positive thoughts! :) 

3. Clinique Almost Lipstick:  I love my Clinique almost lipstick!  It's called Black Honey, but don't let that name fool or scare you.  It's amazing!  I've been using it for years!  It's a great shade.  And just gives your lips a "pop" of color!   Try'll like it! 

4. La Croix:  I love La Croix!  I love the lime La Croix!  It's a tasty little drink that is fizzy and yummy.  And zero calorie!  Hello!  I'm on board with that! But honestly I drink it because I love the flavor and fizz! :) 

5. The weekend/Friday!  It's the weekend and I'm so happy about that!  I love that it's Friday and we have the weekend in front of us!  I get to work on my dissertation topic approval form, but it's still the weekend!  Hallelujah!  

So there you have it!  Five on Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!  

Until Next Time....

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday!

Today is Throwback Thursday.  I've been thinking about my dad lately because of his surgery.  He had hip replacement surgery last week.  I'm worried about his healing, sleep, and overall health.  I know he's doing fine, but I can't help it.....he's my dad and I worry.

So here are some pics of me and my dad.  They're fun to look at!  And the memories are so wonderful too! :)

My love of reading began early on.  Loved having daddy read to us and with us! :)

Dancing with my dad at our wedding.  One of my favorite memories! :)

More dancing with my dad.  With a new hip he can dance a little better soon! :)

This is an older family picture.  But it's all of us with dad.  Love my family! :)

So there you have it.  Throwback Thursday dedicated to my dad!  Love you dad! 

Until Next Time....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What's up Wednesday!

Let's see....what's up?  

Today is a snow day.  It snowed....again!  Who's tired of winter!?  That's me!  And probably everyone else.  We're in line for more snow this weekend and first of next week.  No fun!  Spring please come soon!!

My house is a mess.  I need my housekeeper back!  I hate to clean house.  Hate it!  It's my least favorite thing to probably do in the world.   My house looks like I have 3 kids instead of the one.  Looks like I know what we're doing this snowy weekend! :/

I have to work more on my Dissertation topic approval form.  I thought it was good to go, but it's not.  Boo!  Bummer.  It's quickly becoming another least favorite thing to do!  I can't wait to get it submitted for the final time and sent back with an APPROVED attached to it!  Again....least favorite thing to do.  Grrr.....

I'm still addicted to Grey's Anatomy.  I watch the reruns on Netflix while I work.  It's becoming a problem!  I don't know how to get over it.  So I'll just keep watching and see where it goes! :)

I'm hungry.  I have nothing in the house that sounds good.  But dinner is going to be yummy!  Baked steak and potatoes for dinner.  Yum!  One of our favorites! Can't wait!

I'm sitting and working.  Grading papers and working on discussions.  It's my life.  That's what I do each day of every week.  Such is the life of an educator.

So that's what is up!  Not too much....but just enough.  Hope your Wednesday is going great!

Until Next Time....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Favorite Artist!

Today I thought I would share my favorite artist.  Confession: I don't like abstracts and paintings or pictures of nothing.  I don't like art that you can't understand, but pretend to like/understand because it makes you "cool" and well, "artsy."  I like simple works of art.  I like art that tells a story. I like art that brings up emotions and is full of emotion.  And my favorite artist/story-teller is Terry Redlin.  He's brilliant and so are his works of art!  I've been to the Redlin Museum in Watertown, South Dakota and it's A.MAZ.ING!  It's full of his original works on 3 floors!  Seriously....AMAZING!  We spent like 4 hours touring the museum and it felt like we were there like 5 minutes.  It's truly a wonderful place to visit!

Below are some of his art that we have in our home and art my favorites.  I love them so much! 

This is one that we after we were first married.  It's called "Our Friends"  Portrait of an adopted farm family.  It hangs above our fireplace and I love seeing it!  

The next four hang in a group on one wall of our living room.  They represent the four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall.  I love looking at them too! 

 Heading Home
(We got this one as a wedding present from my parents!  It was our first!  It's my favorite!) :)

 Spring Fever


Autumn Evening

All of these tell a story and have such amazing features to them.  All of the little nuances of the pictures are perfection.  They are so detailed and perfectly painted.  I love them so!  

So there you have it....that's my favorite artist.  Terry Redlin.  

Below are pictures of the Redlin Art Center/Museum in Watertown, SD.   A great place to visit! 

Redlin Museum

Redlin Campus

Redlin Campus/Museum/Art Center

Thanks for sharing in my favorite artist and his works of art! 

Until Next Time....

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Oscars! Oh wait....who cares.

I can't stand this time of year with all of the awards shows.  And all of the people who pretend to care. You're not fooling anyone!  Who cares about these awards.  I don't care about all of the dresses, the red carpet, blah, blah, blah!   We saw only one of the movies nominated and it didn't win anything.  Oh wait, it won like best lighting or something ridiculous like that!  It was a great movie, but I wasn't hanging all of my hopes and dreams on it winning.  So that's my rant. I hate the Oscars.  I don't care who wins or loses.  I don't care.  And other people who do are pretending.  Just my view.

Until Next Time...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Stills!

Sunday Stills....Game Night Edition!  Sometimes there are no words needed to express the fun, happiness, joy and good times!  Good food, good friends, good fun!  Good times had by all! :)

Until Next Time....

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