Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial day is a good day for family get-togethers and remembrance.  We did both of those today and through the weekend.  Been a busy weekend. But, a good, fun one, too. Decorated my sister, grandpa and grandma's graves yesterday to be ready for today. They look really nice.  Had dinner and lunch at my sister and her husband's home yesterday and today.  Saw old and new friends, too! Which was great!  Stayed active!  Kicked my workouts in the butt this weekend, too!  And had lots of great, quality time with my family. 

Also, remembering that memorial day is a day to reflect on the men and women in uniform who fight and lose their lives for our freedom.  And thanking them for their service.  So thank you.

Now just chilling and doing some thinking.  Really just thinking how life has set-backs that we learn from.  And realizing, from those set-backs, that nothing will keep me down!  Remembering, that I have a fighting spirit!  So here's to fighting on!  

Take care, friends.

Until Next Time.....


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