Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday....

So in the hopes of getting back to my regular blogging, I decided to do a 5 on Friday!  :)  Enjoy!


It was a good day for golf!  However, the golf pro didn't show up!  What!?  Yep, I sat there for 45 minutes and finally left to run errands.  He did call me later and we got another appt. scheduled for next week.  He did offer me a free lesson because of the mistake!  So I'm happy and satisfied!  But my clubs weren't happy to be left in the car.  :(


I ran errands and went to the MAC Cosmetics counter at the mall to get some new "happys!" :)  By happy I mean lipstick, gloss, some shadow and mascara.  While getting my items, the sales lady told me I had beautiful eyes!  How sweet!  And it made my day!!  I almost gave her a tip! :)


Love my little family.  My hubby came home and made me dinner.  We are having some drinks together and lounging watching Modern Family.  Our son is happy, healthy and playing outside.  Love hearing his giggles!  Life is good.  

Me and my guys at my sis's wedding in November.


It's Friday!  Love that it's Friday and we have a long weekend ahead of us.  Just makes me happy! :) We're also seeing Wicked tomorrow at the Omaha Orpheum Theater.   So excited.  It's our second time seeing it, and it's one of my FAVORITE Broadway shows! 


Happy Memorial Day.   Remember why we have the extra day off and why we celebrate it.   Here's to a good day of family and remembrance.  

Have a great weekend everyone!   Make it a good one! :)

Until Next Time....


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