Saturday, March 1, 2014

Land of the Living? Perhaps....

So, I've been absent for some time now.  Why you ask?  Well...that's a truckload of information!  I've been around, but out of the game.  Out of it.   Just needed time to just be.  Just be me and figure out this thing called life.  And where it's going and make sense of it all.

How's that going you ask?  Well.....I'll get back to you on that.  Don't know.  No concrete answers.  I'm still a work in progress.  Aren't we all?   Yes we are.  Almost everyone may not admit it, but we are.  I don't know anyone who has all their crap together.  They may say they do.  They may look like it on the outside.   They may FAKE it on Facebook, but they don't.  I'm just not going to fake it anymore.

I'm here.  I am who I am.  And that's all I can give.  Still doing my thing.  Still working too much, going to school/trying to get this stupid PhD, still writing a dissertation.  Still a mom.  Still a wife.  Still trying to live life.  Trying.  And thinking about this blog.  I may take some of it in a new direction, but that's still in the works.  And by "works" I mean in my mind swirling around!

So....starting Monday, I'm going to be participating in BlogHer's monthly blogging challenge which coincidently the theme is:  SELF!   It's all about ME for the month!   Yay!  I like things being all about ME and I'm not afraid to admit it!

So....join me Monday-Friday for the month of March as I work my way through the theme of Self and the prescribed writing prompts that "prompt" me to share things about myself with readers.  Kind of excited to take on this challenge and see what the prompts are!  Should be fun....and interesting!

So what have we/I been up to since I last posted?  Here's a brief rundown: 

  • Nolan's 8th birthday
  • Got a new 'do!  Back to dark brown and lots of layers.  Allison is a miracle-worker! 
  • Trip to Watertown, SD to visit the Terry Redlin Art Museum with my hubby for my 40 B-day
  • My 40th Birthday
  • Got another Redlin for my birthday!  "Autumn Evening!"  My FAV! 
  • New Uggs!
  • I got sick with a ANOTHER nasty cold and sinus infection
  • I saw the doctor....again!
  • Played Bunco with the ladies!
  • Nolan got new glasses
  • Had a quiet V-day with my hubby
  • Got my another new pair of Uggs for Valentine's Day!  Yay!  Love you hubby!  Thanks! 
  • Nolan had his Scout banquet
  • Had brunch with 2 FAB friends!
  • Spent the afternoon chatting with 2 wonderful, amazing friends! 
  • Bought new earrings from Stella and Dot (My Fav!) at Alesha's last night (SO can't wait to get them! :)
  • Spent the evening with friends last night at the party!

And that' s it.  Here's the sampling of pictures from the month:


Until Next Time...


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