Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 4 Post. Sorry It's Late!

March 6
Day 4 Writing Challenge:  Does Blogging Bring out the Best or Worst in Me? 

That's a loaded question!   Ok, I'd say both.  Sorry, got to split the middle.  Sometimes it makes me see the positive in my life and what's around me so then I write about it.  Sometimes I want to write cute, fun, quirky little posts and pictures.   That's me on that day.

But then some days, I don't want to post so then my procrastination comes out in full force!  Then I chastise myself for not posting and this whole vicious cycle ensues.  Queen of Procrastination....right here! :)

 So, yep, I'd say both the good and the bad come out in me and that's ok.  Some days I'm not wanting to post happy stuff, so I don't.  And that's me.  Some days I do.  And that's me, too.  That's me.  For good or bad.  Take it or leave it.

And I like that this is my space and I can be open and free like that.

YEP! :)

Until Next Time....


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