Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Nolan!

Happy Birthday to our "little" man, Nolan James! 

Nolan's 8 years old today and that's very hard to believe!!  It's hard to believe that exactly eight years ago today, I was at Lakeside Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska in labor.  Waiting for this little miracle to appear!  And 13 hours of labor and 3.5 hours of pushing later....Nolan James Stamm made his appearance into the world and into our family.  And we became a family of three!   And Nolan blessed and enriched our entire family!

January 25
 8 Years Old!! 

More presents will be opened at the party today! 

Pizza, bowling and friends = a GOOD day!  


New tshirts and a basketball hoop for the driveway!  (BB hoop will be here in another week.  Had to order it!)

Hard to believe it's eight years later.  The time is going much too fast!  And all moms can attest to that fact, too.  He's still my little boy and always will be!  And I love him more everyday (even on the days like yesterday [well really this whole week!] when I want to pack his hobo bag and drop him off with Aunt Alesha and Uncle Mark!)  But, that's him growing up and testing the waters....and our patience!  But again, he's our miracle and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Thank you God for giving us the miracle and blessing that is Nolan James Stamm!  We love you so much sweetie!  And can't wait to see the years unfold before you and where life takes you!

Happy 8th Birthday!  We Love You!

Until Next Time....And mom to a now 8 year old!  Wow!

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