Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gratitude on days when you just can't find it.....

Let's see....gratitude on a crappy day, after a crappy day yesterday.  Sometimes gratitude is hard to find and see.   It really takes effort.  So what am I grateful for today?  Not going to lie about this one either.  I'm grateful for a woman named Jennifer.  Jennifer, who is my therapist and one of the best people I know.  She is wonderful and I couldn't do or take my life right now and this past year without her.  She listens to me, is impartial and is smart.  And, she's empathetic, sympathetic and compassionate.  I adore her!   And I am so incredibly thankful for her.

And I'm thankful for our wonderful healthcare/insurance that allows me to go and see her 2 times per month at a low copay.  Before you get all "see the government is doing a good thing with this whole healthcare debacle", let me say that the insurance we have, we pay for completely out of  our own pocket because Frank's work insurance is CRAP!  We bought it independently from his work insurance.  So now we pay more for our wonderful insurance every month than we do for our HOUSE!  Yep, you read that right!  I work to pay for our insurance and it costs more than my home.  But, it's on days like today, I'm thankful for the jobs that I and Frank have to be able to pay for that good insurance. Is it too expensive?  YES!  To say that healthcare industry needs an overhaul is an understatement!  But, I'm SO not getting into that debate!  

I'm just going to say that today, after yesterdays craptacular day and todays craptacular day part 2, I am thankful for my therapist Jennifer, the mental healthcare professionals/industry, good drugs to keep me sane amongst the crazy and my good insurance.  Crappy days deserve someone wonderful in your corner like Jennifer and a little blue pill to wash it all away at bedtime.  Thank you Tylenol PM and Cymbalta and thank you Jennifer!

Until next time....hopefully in a better place....


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