Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wedding Countdown & Happenings Continue....

Today I was in wedding countdown and errand mode!  I had my first spray tan today so I'm not farmer/baseball mom tan for the wedding!  NOT a good look with my strapless dress!  And I'm NOT an extra on Jersey Shore either so.....YAY!  I've never gotten any kind of spray tan before so I was more than a little nervous!  But, it went great.  I have 2 more sessions and will be all tan and gorgeous for the wedding!  Less than a month now!!

Tomorrow I'm scheduling my hair trial with Kayla here in town so I'll know how to have my hair done on the day of the wedding.  WIth it shorter than I would like, (STILL lamenting the big May cut!!), I have to do a trial to see if we need to use the extensions I bought in August.  So that will take place in the next week or so.

YIKES!  I know this will not happen!  Kayla is amazing!!   But this is too funny! :) 

I went to Nobbies and got the last few supplies for the bachelor/bachelorette party on Saturday night.  Still need to finalize my appetizers and go to the store.  Tomorrow I'm heading to Julie's (another bridesmaid) to hang out while she and Sheila (another bridesmaid) make jello shots for the party!  FUN!  Jello scares me, so I will NOT be helping!   Yes, I can make a soufflé, but jello freaking scares me to make!  Go figure.  

I practiced my song with Hilary the pianist yesterday.  Funny thing...I babysat her when I was in high school!  It went great but I'm still nervous to sing at the wedding.  I always get nervous though to sing!  And it's been awhile since I've sung in public soooo.....that's weighing on me too!   It'll all be good.  I have faith!

Now I need to continue working on my MOH speech.  I think I'm more nervous about that than singing!  I do have ideas and thoughts.  Just need to get them all organized.  We'll see how that goes!  Ring, ring....who's there?  Procrastination!  Welcome back old friend!

So once the party is over on Saturday, my matron of honor duties and tasks are pretty much done until the day before with the decorating/rehearsal and then the big day!   Just keep "checking off" the tasks and duties!  It's getting closer!  Can't believe that 2 weeks after the wedding it will be Thanksgiving!!  Holy cow!  Then Christmas!  Whoooo Hoooo!

So that's what I'm up to....along with teaching and dissertation.  Ever the multi-tasker!  

Until next time....all tan and tropical....


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