Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday, Tuesday....

You know instead of Monday, Monday by the Mamas and the Papas?   What?  You don't know that? For shame!  If you do....good for you! :)

Here's a reminder....

Today just felt like Monday to me!  Although unlike the song...it was not good to me. Teaching was painful!  Really painful!  My tongue felt like it couldn't function right so my talking felt all crazy and stupid.  I felt stupid today.  My brain was clearly OFF!  It was just downright painful to be there today!  I was so thankful when 11am hit and I HIT THE ROAD!   Got home and immediately began catching up on all of my grading since I was away from home all day yesterday.   Took Nolan to the dentist yesterday.  Three....yes 3 cavities!  Stinker!  We told him his lackluster brushing is going to catch up with him!  And....it has.  Dun, Dun, DUUUUNNNNN!!!! :(   So that's my October schlepping him to the dentist to fill those right up!   Hopefully now he will take his brushing more seriously!  That dental bill will be a joy to pay too!  Yuk!

Then I went with Alesha to buy wedding flowers because her original ones got burned in the Woodbine fire that hit our main street.  Particularly the Flower Shoppe where all of her silks were located.  Such a sad deal for everyone involved!  But we're Woodbine Strong so we'll survive and thrive.  We always do!

Here's some pictures from the fire. It was so windy that day so they battled the fire from 3:30 in the afternoon until 2:30 in the morning!   Then they got called out again an hour later because the roof of one of the buildings sparked so they had to battle it some more.  Again, such a sad, sad situation.

And all of these firefighters are volunteer.  So it begs the question:  What would happen if volunteer firefighters did not volunteer?  Definitely something to ponder!  And we're so thankful for our Woodbine volunteers!  

I guess Iron Man should have come to save the day!  Our little man cracks me up! :)

So yeah, I don't feel like I had a Monday yesterday.  The day was kind of a blur.  So it caught up with me today.  I did get my grading done and caught up so I'm happy about that.  Some more to do tomorrow but I'm not behind.  I hate being behind in grading!  The end of the week is going to be busy so getting it done early makes for less stress and heart palpitations!  And that's good for everyone! :) 

Hope your Tuesday was good!  Here's to a good nights sleep and a better Wednesday!  Hump Day!  

Oh and I'll leave you with this view....

My West Monona tree keeps getting prettier!  I love fall!! 

Until next time.... 


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