Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thank you just isn't enough at times.....

Today was my sister Alesha's bridal shower.  It was beautiful and fun!  She has a great group of bridesmaids and I love everyone of them!!  I'm the Matron of Honor and proud to be that for her.   She truly has a stone-cold pack of weirdos and I LOVE it!   We had a great day!!

Well, today I couldn't have done or pulled off this shower without the help of these ladies!   And my mom!  She's amazing!!!!  And I absolutely LOVE her and THANK HER from the bottom of my heart for helping me to make it absolutely fabulous and beautiful!!

I will hopefully have some pictures to share soon from today and when I'm not exhausted, I will share pictures of how lovely it looked all decorated!

But for now, I just wanted to say, Thank You!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  To all of the people who helped to make this day special for Alesha.  And it was.  So yes, sometimes a mere Thank You just doesn't seem like enough.  But, that's what I am!  Thankful and Grateful!  For the love, support and generosity of these friends and my mom.   I couldn't have done it right now in my life without them!  I wish I could send them all a bouquet of Thank You flowers, but alas I cannot.  So I hope this simple gesture will suffice!  

Much Love to you Beautiful Ladies!


Until Next Time....with a Thankful Heart....


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