Monday, October 14, 2013

Currently I Am....

Looking forward to:  Of course, Alesha's wedding!  After the shower yesterday, and how much fun the bridesmaids have together, the wedding is going to be F.U.N!!!   I'm also looking forward to the Bachelorette/Bachelor party this weekend!  Again....gonna be FUN! :)   But, I'm also looking forward to the upcoming Holidays!!  Love this time of year! 

Wishing for:  More time to myself.  It's been a busy summer and beginning of the fall.  I wish I had time to do what I want to do.  I am also wishing for more energy to start my exercising again.  Time to myself ties into that too.  But, I want to get back in shape because it makes me feel so good.  Hopefully my mind, heart and body catch up with each other and get on the same page soon, too. 
Listening to:   Steve Hall, Timeless Love.  We listened to this at the shower and I listened to it before the shower.  A little romantic mood music!  

And of course, I listen to the music on my iPhone whenever I'm in the car and that's just too much to share!  And it's VERY eclectic! :) 

Reading:  Pearl Girls and Jesus Calling.  They are amazing books!  So inspiring and uplifting!  

Seriously, Best Books!  Read Them! 

Creating:  I did lots of creating and being crafty this weekend with the shower!  With my mom's help, we had that place looking fabulous and didn't spend a ton of money!  I'm a party-planner extraordinare!  
Oh, and yep....STILL creating the dissertation and trying to achieve the elusive PhD!  
Packing for:  Nothing.  Wish we were packing for a little anniversary get-away, but with this wedding and not teaching as much as in the past....there's not a lot of extra funds to throw around.  Maybe we can take a little trip for my 40th birthday in February!  Hint, Hint....Honey!! ;)
Enjoying:  Fall.  I love this season and this time of year!  Love everything about it!   

Trying to:  Persevere and continue writing this dissertation and PhD.  It's sucking the ever-loving life out of me.  It really is!  God help me! 
Grateful for:  My family and friends who are and have been there for me.  My friends know who they are!  Obviously my family knows who they are too!  :)  I'm absolutely grateful for my husband and son.  They bless my life in so many ways!  

Wearing:  On the days I teach....dress clothes.  When I'm at home....track pants and t-shirts.  My staple workday attire!  I'll be switching to long sleeve T's and sweatshirts soon!  Right now I have my black hoodie that I take on and off whether I'm hot or cold.  

Saving for: 
Well, nothing major right now.  Spending money on wedding-related things right now, which is fine.  Going to start saving for Christmas presents soon!  It's almost upon us! :) 
Watching:  Right now I'm watching the fall show premiers and the new fall shows.  But, my favorite is "The Goldbergs!"  Flash back to all things 80's!!   Such a funny, funny show!   I love it! 

Loving:  My Nespresso machine!  Seriously, it is true, true L.O.V.E!!   And I'm loving my flavor shipment that came last week from Torani!  I'm barista in my own home!  Yay!  Pumpkin Spice, Irish Cream, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Butterscotch!  The gangs all here!!  YUMMMM!!!!   It was an expense, but that beautiful machine is paying off in BIG ways!  I highly recommend it for the Starbucks lovers out there!  

I mean LOOK at ALL of those flavors!  Um, Yes, Please!!!  Happy, Happy Me! 

 Until Next Time....Fabulously Caffeinated and Deliciously Flavored....


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