Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cheer, Cheer for Old Woodbine High!

Yep, that's the start of my alma mater's school fight song!   What does that mean?  It means that this weekend was Woodbine Homecoming!  Well, technically Friday (yesterday) was Woodbine's homecoming.  The school has a pep rally, homecoming court, king and queen.  And there's a parade!  The parade starts with the high school marching band and each class in junior high and high school has a float.  Then the little kids K-6 have themes and walk in the parade.  It's so fun to see!  Especially seeing my little man doing what I did when I was his age at the very same school on the very same streets!  Woodbine Homecoming always makes me so nostalgic!  There was never a year that I wasn't in the parade in some way.  In high school I was in the band as a flag twirler and then as a football cheerleader.  I see all of it and it just makes me smile and silently reminisce.  Nostalgia floating all around!  

Sometimes it's good to just sit back and let the memories flow and take over.  It's a nice break from the crazy of every day.  Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Makes your heart smile.

Here's a Stroll Down Memory Lane!  WHS Style! :)

Our Senior Float!  Yep, We Won!!
Homecoming 1992 (Senior Year) !  Yep, I was a cheerleader! :)

Cheerleaders in the Parade!
It doesn't get any better than riding in the back of a pickup with a short, short skirt on!  And it was COLD that day!  But it was Homecoming!  So ALL was GOOD!!! :)
Our Homecoming King & Queen - 1992!
Still wonderful friends with these two today!  Love them both! :)

Our Homecoming Court - 1992!

Nolan's First Homecoming - Kindergarten, 2011!

 Nolan's 2nd Grade Homecoming - 2013!!

The Parade Begins with the Band!

King & Queen - 2013

Woodbine Cheerleaders - 2013!  (Been there...Done That!)
Here Comes the Elementary Students! :)

 "It's Time for a Tiger Victory" was the 2nd Grade Slogan! :)

Our little man is in the gold shirt!

^^Nolan and Kameron^^

 Back to the Past!  

 I twirled a mean flag back in the day! :)

Last year we celebrated our 20 year reunion from WHS!  It was a very, very, VERY good time!  We were always a great class!  Very close and lots of fun!  And that night the fun continued and we showed our Tiger Spirit and Pride once again!  See for yourself!

Class of 1992!!

WHS Cheerleaders!  Together Again!!! :)

Tiger Power!!! 

Cheer, Cheer for Old Woodbine High!! :)

We were friends through school and we're still friends today!  Thank you, WHS! :)

Well, there's my stroll down memory lane this Homecoming weekend.  It was needed.  No matter what....this I will always know....I will always have Tiger Pride and these fabulous friends!

Until next time....Go Tigers!  


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