Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Today I thought I'd do a little throwback and share some fun things about me and memories when I was young.  So, here goes!  Enjoy! :)

Favorite cartoon:  That's easy!  Jem and the Holograms!  I mean seriously who DIDN'T like Jem!  She was truly, truly outrageous!  And that makeup and big hair!!  Um, yes, please!   To this day, if I see an episode of Jem on TV, I stop and watch.  And smile.  "Jem is my name, no one else is the same!  Jem!"  Love it! :)

Yep!  She was truly, truly outrageous! :)

Favorite Band:  If you know me at all, you know that it has to be without question....Bon Jovi!  Jon and the boys were my first concert experience!  I was a freshman and it was April 5, 1989.....New Jersey tour!  Alesha and I got tickets with our birthday and Christmas money.  Tina Argotsinger's mom, Vicky called and ordered the tickets for us and we paid her.  Tina's boyfriend at the time drove us to the concert.  The only stipulation from our parents was that we had to go to school the next day and we got home LATE!  But it was worth it!!  I have the New Jersey concert t-shirt to prove it!  There was a catwalk all around the Civic Center and JBJ was right in front of us at one point!!  AHHHHHH!!!!!  Yep, one of the best moments of my life!  I remember it like it was yesterday!   To this day, I am still in love with Bon Jovi!  Yum!

Yep, this brings back a FLOOD of memories!  Good times!  Still love this album today!  Have it memorized too.  

Yep, this is what the 80's was ALL about!  And I loved every minute of it! 

Me and my boy, Jon!  Too bad he's wax! :)

Holding hands with Jon Bon Jovi!  If only! :)

This video just catapults me back to 1989!  Swoon!!! 
Bad Medicine!  

Favorite TV show(s):  I'd say there were three absolute favorites.  Honestly I can't pick just one.  So here they are:  

I'd have to say, if forced, that the Cosby Show is my absolute favorite!   But, all three of them I still watch on reruns.  They still make me smile.  And I still love them to this day!  Just good, wholesome, family television.  And Michael J. Fox and Kirk Cameron!?  Um, yes please!  LOVED them!   Just a whole lotta cute going on there! :) 

Favorite family memory:   Two of them come to mind.  First, when we went to Disneyland when Alesha and I were 10 and Jenni was 12!  And second, when we got Honey Dew, our Cocker Spaniel puppy for Christmas!  She came in a BIG box with a bright red ribbon tied to it!   She was the sweetest little puppy and we loved her SO much!  I still miss her!   

The three of us and our Honey-pup!  Such pure joy right there!! 

 And the trip to DL was just what it should be for a child.....AMAZING!  First airplane ride too!  I loved everything about Disneyland and can't wait to take Nolan there someday too.  He has his pups, so that is not an option.  But the Disney experience still awaits us!  

This is the program from Disneyland in the 80's! 

I still remember the entrance like it was yesterday!

Favorite singer:  
Female: HELLO!  Madonna and Whitney Houston!   Wasn't that every girls' favorites!?   Well, they certainly were mine!  Awww....dancing around my room singing their memories!   I remember that Jenni had a poster of Whitney Houston on her wall and I was SOOOO jealous!!   We loved her!   Still do!  Both of them! 

One of my favorite songs!  And I love this video!  It just screams THE 80's!! :)

Male:  The one and only.....Michael Jackson!  Love, Love, LOVED him!  Still do!  I remember roller skating with Sheila Haskins Androy to his Thriller album on our patio!   Yep, more good times!  :) 

And it doesn't get much better than this....

Favorite Pastime:  Playing outside during any season!  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall!  No season was off limits!  Sledding, swimming, jumping in just-raked leaves, catching fireflies, riding bikes!  You name it....we probably did it outside!  And with lots of friends to join us.  We even had block parties on our street growing up! Such fun times and memories!  Wish I had pictures for that!   This will have to do....

Lots of fun memories in this post!  Lots of fun to write, too! 
Until next time....


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