Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sister Saturday!

Today I spent time with my sister going to one of our favorite little small town stores to shop for some wedding things.  The store is Oakes Variety in Harlan, Iowa and it's wonderful!  HOWEVER, we just found out this week that the owner is closing the store to retire!!  WHAT!?!?!?  No way!  Please God, let someone else buy it!  It's such a great little variety store!  Ala Ben Franklin and the old five and dimes!  I love it!  And am so sad it's closing!  But since it's closing everything is on sale right now so I went over with mom the other day to buy some things for Alesha's wedding and then went with Alesha today to get a few more things.  We had fun perusing the aisles and picking out lots of fun, pretty things for her and Mark's upcoming wedding!  We also had some fun, too!  Here's what ensued....

It's Justin Beaver!  Get it?  Justin BEAVER instead of Beiber!  LOL!  And yes, if you push his paw, he dances and sings a Justin Beiber song.  Justin Beaver!  Hilarious!  

Never too early to start thinking about and planning for our 40th birthday!  It's just around the corner!!  February 3 for all of you who have forgotten! :)  

Yep, Al's wearing a Mr T-esqe necklace with the number 4-0 on it!!  LOL!  I am digging the crowns and no makeup look here too!  Purrrtttyyy!!  I also like the "Over the Hill" hats in the background too!!  
I was really glad to blow off my work and get to spend the day with Al.  It's been awhile since we've done that!  And we had some high fiving moments in the store for our cleverness and creativity!  And we had some moments of laughter and yes, dancing in the aisles too.  We're pretty goofy together!  And I like it!! :)  I'll think about our fun day tomorrow when I'm working all afternoon!  It was worth it! :)

Yep!  We're pretty goofy together!  LOVE it!!!  

One of our favorites!  And one we've sung/performed together many, many times! 
                                                                    Until Next Time....


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