Monday, September 9, 2013

Regrets, I've had a few.....

Ok,  I've been thinking about regrets these past couple of days.  And like Mr. Sinatra's song says, "Regrets, I've had a few....."

 One of the biggest regrets I have right now is cutting my hair!  UGH!!!  Alesha had to go and get engaged AFTER I had cut off my LONG locks!  I grew my hair out for 3+ years and then decided to cut it for a change and now I regret it because I'm so freaking nervous about my hairstyle for the wedding!  I know it will grow out, but crap, it would have been so much more fun and easier to pick an updo for the wedding with my long hair!  Oh well.  It will grow again.  It's already gotten longer since I first cut it in May.  So come on hair.....grow, grow, GROW!!  Just in case...I bought extensions for the wedding hair style!  We'll see how it goes!  Or GROWS!  HA!!! :)


After (In May)

 Yep, regrets....I've had a few!  

It's gotten longer now.  I can actually pull it back in a small ponytail, so that's a BIG change from the cut above.  It's just above the shoulder and it's dark in color again. Which I love this color! Bye-Bye blonde!  It colored it back to brown in June.  THAT was a good change!   The cutting....not so much!  So I've been perusing Pinterest to try and find wedding styles.  I've never been on Pinterest to "pin" anything, but THIS was what drove me there!  I have a hair accessory I want to use and a wedding coming up!  So Pinterest to the rescue!!   And then I started pinning more than hair.  Darn!  I knew once I started, I wouldn't want to stop!  But, if I can find a wedding will be worth it!  :)

I know it will grow again.  It'll get where I want it.  I just have to be patient!  If there wasn't this wedding approaching quickly, I wouldn't be so panicked!!  But, for Alesha to find happiness, love, and a partner to share her life with an marry....I'd shave my head!   Hair will grow back....true love isn't as easy to find and grow.  So we'll see how long it is on Novemeber 16.  I know Kayla Kruse will be able to do something amazing with it, too that day no matter what the length!  And my hair, the wedding and everything will be beautiful!  I have faith.

I guess, no matter what, even with the regrets, that I've had a Frank says, 
"I'll [still continue to] do it MY WAY!" :)

Until next time....with a fresh new color (I see the amazing Allie on Wed!  Yay!).....


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