Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Only in Iowa.....ok, maybe Nebraska, too. But, seriously....only in the midwest!

Hijinks and hilarities seem to follow me and Alesha.  They really do!  Not kidding! 

So Alesha and I went to Harlan yesterday to do a little shopping and get groceries.  Nothing too crazy.  Canning jars and stew meat doesn't make for too crazy of a day!   Until.....

We're headed home on the back highway and pop over a hill and just down the road, there's a large object standing on the side of the road.  This is the conversation between me and Al at this point:

Al:  "Um, what is that?!"  Ok, is that a cow??!!
Me:  {squinting HARD}, "Um Yeah!  Pretty sure that's a cow on the side of the road!  Oh my gosh!"  (I believe a Holy Crap! came out too!)
Al:  "Seriously!?  That's a cow!  That's a cow!  I don't remember him on the road when we headed in!"
Me:  "Nope, there wasn't a cow statue there on the drive in!"
Al: "Oh My G!  There's a freaking cow on the side of the road!  What should we do!?"

The scene of the "incident!" Cow is safely in his pen by now! 

We both squeal a little at this point and laugh too.  Alesha slows down with my urging!   We pull into the other lane (no one else was coming thankfully!) and slow down as we drive right past a very large steer standing on the side of the road!   AHHHHHH!!!   So we knew we needed to pull into the driveway of the farm and go to the door to let them know.  We went to the front and side doors to inform the owners.  But, no one was home!  Of course!  And cow is still standing on the side of the road and dangerously close to being IN the road!   And a truck pulling a trailer going WAY too fast sped by at one point too.  Cow....still on the side of the road!  Yikes!

                                              The farmhouse we stopped at to share the cow situation. 

So, no one is home.  Crap!   At this point the farm's kitty ambassador comes to welcome us.  Alesha then decides to make friends with the furry little ambassador as I'm trying to decide what to do with this dangerous situation! So I finally figured out that we were indeed still in Shelby county (but right on the Shelby/Harrison county line!)  So I Googled the Shelby County Sheriff's office.  Got them on the phone, informed them where were were at (as I was basically standing in the middle of the highway to figure it out!) and they were dispatching a patrol car to take care of it.

Just after I got off the phone and Alesha and I decided to stay and wait for the officer to make sure no one got hurt, we could try and flag them down to stop or slow down coming over the hills.  We really hadn't figured out our plan at this point, honestly!  :)  And yes, the friendly farm kitty has now become our helper thanks to Alesha making friends with it!   But he was a SUPER cute little kitty!   So he's following us around.   (Sorry no picture of the cute kitty!) :(

At this point a car goes driving by and gets just past the crazy cow on the side of the road and then turns around and comes back.  Alesha and I started jogging towards him AND the cow!  We asked if he knew who lived there and he said yes.  But, the funny thing was as he was getting out of his car, the cow just starts walking towards him!  Like no big deal!  Doot-Doo-Doo!   The guy goes up to the cow and then towards the fence with the other cows inside staring at us like we're crazy!  Outside cow is still walking beside the guy like he was a dog!   It was INSANE!  And BIZARRE!!   He opens the gate up and the cow just starts to "MOOOOOVE" in!  HA!   Just walked in like it was no biggie.  Just like he was standing there waiting for someone to open the stupid gate!   Hilarious!   The guy shuts the fence up and said he'd call the owner and let him know, because honestly, we didn't even know if it was HIS cow!  This cow could have been on quite the road trip adventure that afternoon!  Who knows!

This is the furry scoundrel back in his home!  

Back hanging out with his buds again!  Silly cow! :)

As he was shutting the fence, I noticed he had a Tommy Gate shirt on.  Said that to Alesha whose fiancé works at TG in the office.  Alesha asks if he works there and he said yes.  And he, of course, knows Mark!  (Seriously, only in a small town/area!)  So our helper was a TG employee and thankfully our helper, too!  (I did call the Sheriff's office back and told them we got it taken care of and not to send an officer out!  They appreciated the heads up!)  Just being a good citizen folks!  Just being a good citizen. :)

Saying good-bye to our farm friends and this latest adventure!   

So, the cow was safely ensconced in his pen.  Or temporary pen.  We really don't know.  But, we did know that no one was going to get injured by hitting a very large cow!  And that's a good thing.  That can be a very, very serious accident so we, along with our TG helper, were good samaritans for the day!

Hijinks and hilarity, people.  They seem to follow us.  We should come with a warning label or caution sticker!  Come at your own risk!  It could be a wild ride, but we guarantee you'll have fun! :)

I've always loved this song!  And Faith Hill, too!  Perhaps she was really singing 
about me and Alesha! :)

Until Next Time....with hopefully less cows! 


alesha alvis said...

Cow time shenanigans!

Frank said...

That's a moooooooooooooving story ;)

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