Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's in Da Hole!

Happy Labor Day! (Well, Happy post-Labor Day that is!) :)  We had a good weekend.  Did some wedding shopping with mom and Alesha, watched some Husker football, went to church, worked on Sunday so I could actually HAVE yesterday off!  Who wants to labor on Labor Day!?  Not me!  We had a BBQ at mom and dad's with my grandparents, Aunt Jan and Uncle Rod and my "little" cousin Joe who's in the Air Force stationed in Rapid City, SD at Ellsworth Air Force Base came down for a visit so we got to see him too!  It was a very fun way to end Sunday!   And after being SO hot the first part of the weekend, the weather was very nice on Sunday evening so we sat out on the patio as a family and hung out.  It was a great night all around!

 Fancy Sophie! 

                      Thumb Wars!!  Always Fun! 

                          Fun Family Times!  

So what did we do on Labor Day?  Well, we slept in, had lattes (Go Nespresso!) and we golfed.  Well, we didn't actually go out on the course but rather to the driving range!   I haven't been since last summer with Jacob so I was ready to pull out my cute, pink clubs, dust them off and hit some balls!!   Nolan went with us so it was a bit crazy and hectic at times, but the weather was very nice so it would have been wrong to pass it up!

My new clubs made their first appearance this season and Nolan used some of Jacob's old ones to hit some balls.  Alesha used Mark's and was begging for a new set for either our birthday or Christmas!  I'm sure we'll end up with matching clubs!

It was a fun couple of hours at the course. I can also tell that I haven't golfed in over a year, too!  And I wasn't all that good last summer when I started too!  So it was a bit dicey at times yesterday!  I ended up having a Happy Gilmore-esque moment or two!   Not too PGA or PG at times either!  LOL!   Just a couple of yelling at the ball and clubs moments.  Nothing serious!  I am pretty competitive so it's proably good that I became an educator instead of an athlete!   I guess I could still become some crazy hybrid of the two!   But, probably not!   But, I'll continue to practice and maybe, just maybe I'll be ok enough to finally hit the course sometime too!

Alesha picked up the clubs for the first time and had what I'm pretty sure is beginner's luck!  If I remember clearly I did pretty good my first time out with Jacob and then the next few times stunk it up horribly!  After the first time and not having any expectations, it gets in your head and then you want to do better, be better, see better everything!  And, yep, that plagued me yesterday!  But her....not so much.  Until next time she heads out!  She'll have higher expectations of herself and probaly have her own Happy Gilmore moments, too!  Oh and she said she's a prodigy!  Ha!  I beg to differ!  I do know that Mark knows his stuff and is a great teacher!  I'll be golfing with him more in the future too now that Jacob has moved and I can't golf with him anymore!

I do have to say that I am SO stiff and sore today!  Oy!  Muscles hurt that I didn't know I even had!  I could barely get out of bed this morning.  But, I did and headed back to work!   And I keep thinking it's Monday!  This week will be messed up for sure!  All-in-all it was a good holiday.  Golfing was fun and despite my hitting horribly, I still enjoyed it.  And if I practice more, I think me and my pretty, pink clubs could really enjoy the sport!  Will I be hitting the LPGA tour anytime soon....Nope!  But, an afternoon or morning 9 holes could become an enjoyable outing!   This time sans 7 year old for sure!  He had a meltdown and won't be invited anytime soon again!  :)  I would like to get him a set of his own and see how he does.  He got mad because he wanted to play with my and Mark's clubs and we wouldn't let him.  So a hissy-fit was thrown!  And he was taken to the car to cool off!  Frank then took him to the putting green to hit some balls and he came back in better spirits.  Both of them did! :)  I think an inexpensive set of his own would be great for him!  He'd love it and then and only then would he be invited along again!

Maybe next time or two we'll ACTUALLY hit the course!  I need to practice hitting a few more times before I embarrass myself on the course I know that much!

So, it was a good Labor Day holiday!  We came home and took a long nap which felt great!  Had some homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner because Frank wasn't feeling good and ended the night wathcing some TV and going to bed early to be ready for work today!  Sore and all!  But, it's all in the name of golf!   I can't let my pretty pink clubs down! :)

Here's a little something for your viewing pleasure:

"So what!?  So Let's Dance!!"  CLASSIC!! 

I love Bill Murray!  He's hilarious in this movie!  

Yep!  I felt a little like this! 

So as long as they don't kill all the golfers....we'll be back at the course again soon!   My pink clubs deserve a fighting chance!   You know..."I should just try to get it in the hole every time instead of putting.  It's way easier!"  Ha!

Until next time from the LPGA tour..... :)


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