Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Believe the Children Are Our Future....

Ms. Whitney Houston had it right, indeed.  And I was privy to see the goodness, wholesomeness, sweetness and blessings of the children on an adventure last week.  And what a special adventure it was!   Be prepared!  This is a picture-palooza post!  Lots of pictures and like I said to the hubby at the end of the day....cuteness and adorableness overload!

Nolan's second grade teacher, Mrs. Klein asked me to help chaperone a school field trip to the Lauritzen Gardens on Friday of last week.  My first field trip with my little man!  It wasn't just any "ole" field trip though.  Every year the second graders from Woodbine Elementary partner with the second grade students from Central Park Elementary in Omaha, Nebraska and do a pen pal program.  Each student is paired up with one student and they write letters and correspond throughout the year.  In the fall our kids meet their pen pals for an outing and this year we met them at Lauritzen Gardens.  I LOVE the Gardens and it was an absolutely beautiful day for a garden walk and meeting of new friends!  After so much heat this month, we had a perfectly pleasant, cool, blue-sky fall day!

                                             ON OUR WAY TO THE GARDENS!


 Nolan and his new friend and pen pal, Calvin Cotton! cute!?!  Adorable! 

We split into groups and walked through the open parts of the garden.  Some are closed because the city is doing some underground work so a good portion of the gardens are closed, but what was open was just enough for the little people and big people to wander through.

My Group of Cuties! 

Nolan's best buddies, Franz (L) and Matthew(R) with their pen pals!  

 Holding hands.  Calvin wouldn't let go of my hand the entire day!  So sweet! 

 Admiring the beauty of Lauritzen Gardens! 

                                                 A hummingbird moth!  Look really close!

Stopping to Smell the Roses! :)


Franz and Ryan his pen pal.  She was teaching him a game.  Cute!

Heading back to the main entrance!  

Adorableness shining through!!! 

All kids love to have their picture taken!  Especially this group!  I loved it! :)

Patiently waiting. :)

I love these kids!  They were so good, well behaved and welcoming to one another.  Beautiful! 

My buddy, Calvin holding my hand.  So sweet! 

This picture is funny!  They were looking up at a BIG crane doing work!  

 Looking at the Koi Pond! 

After the garden trip, we loaded back on the bus and went to Central Park Elementary to have lunch in the classrooms with the students.  After lunch we took a tour of the school and then the kids went outside to play on the playground.  A perfect day for outside play and fun!   After playing for almost an hour, the kids took a restroom break, we took pictures with the pen pals, said our good byes and headed for home!

 Lunch time!  

Matthew & Franz having lunch with their pen pals!  Cute!

In the spring (May), Central Park will travel to Woodbine and spend the day with us and their pen-pals in our small town!  In the past, they've visited a farm, but they don't know if that's what will take place this year or not.  Either way, we'll have something fun planned for the group of friends to do and I know I'll be there!  I made several new little friends of my own too!  I don't think I've ever gotten so many little hugs goodbye!  Brought tears to my eyes.

Play time! They have a GREAT playground and the kids had SO much fun playing 
with them on this gorgeous day! 

 Nolan and Calvin playing chase!  Nolan found someone who loves to run and chase just as much as he does!  The perfect pairing! :)  

New Friends! :)

Having fun together! :)

Waiting to play.  This was the hit of the playground!  It had waiting lines! :)

Calvin took this picture of Nolan for me!  Super cute! :)

The gals having fun!  I love Grace's face in this picture! :)

                                                                                         Calvin and Nolan taking turns pushing each other! :)

Nolan's name tag with his teacher's name, pen pal's name and their teacher's name.  
Definitely a keeper! 

The day, my friends, was a Top 10 day weather-wise, but more than that, it was a TOP 10 DAY for me as a parent!!  I loved every single minute of that day!  The spirit and love of all the children was heartwarming, touching and beautiful to see.  There were no race lines. No differences...except maybe Huskers vs. Hawkeyes! :)  They held hands, talked, laughed and became fast, old friends in an instant. And it wasn't just the children either.  I had the distinct privilege of meeting several new, little friends too!  Again, LOTS of hugs good bye and "can't wait to see you in the spring!" from all of the children. Seriously, one of the best days that I've had in a LONG time!  In the cynical world we live in, it was such a beautiful sight to see and be witness to!

 New friends!  I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home!  So cute! 

So yes, as the song says, "I believe the children are our future.  Teach them well and let them lead the way.  Show them all the beauty they possess inside.  Give them a sense of pride to make it easier.  Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be."  It was a distinct honor and blessing to receive that reminder on Friday.  I felt so privileged and overjoyed to be there with all of them that day. (I don't know how many times I thanked Mrs. Klein for inviting me to go!) :)  And I can't wait to be a part of it again in the spring.  After a school year of corresponding and solidifying these new friendships made last week, it will be a precious sight to see the children reunited in May!

It's taken me this long to write about that day because it was so overwhelming and I couldn't put into words the beauty, affect, and magnitude it had on me.  I was so overwhelmed with love and happiness that day and throughout the weekend!  I still have trouble.  It was just such a beautiful day all around.  God provides.  And he provided in abundance for all that day!  I needed it too. My mind needed it.  My spirit needed it.  And most importantly....My heart needed it.

 The Greatest Love of All ~ Whitney Houston 

Until next time....with a full heart.....


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