Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile

 Happy Autumn!!!

Today begins the most wonder-fall time of the year!  Well, f,or me that is!  I know others love it as well, but I truly believe no one can love it as much as I do!   Fourteen years ago, this October, I got married in the fall.  I had a fall-themed wedding.  And it was beautiful!  I love everything about fall.

I love the sights, sounds, smells and beauty that is this time of year and this season!  I love the cool, crisp autumn nights sitting on our front porch and listening to the birds sing their last seasonal songs.  I love the temperate indian summer days with the warm sun shining down on you as you walk through the crunchy leaf piles.  Kicking them a little as you move along!  It's like being a kid all over again! :)

I love the smell of apples, pumpkins and autumn spices.  I love the taste of a pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin pie!  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving!   I love Halloween too!  Everything good does happen in the fall!

I love decorating the outside of my house with orange lights and lots of colorful fall decorations.   I love those cold, crisp autumn nights and the orange lights and pumpkins glow brightly and illuminate our street with such warmth and beauty!

 I love that fall is the return of the Honeycrisp apple.  Dip it in caramel....fabulous! It's ones of the best autumn treats!  Well, besides those yummy orange mellow pumpkins and candy corn mixed with peanuts!  Yum!

I love all of my fall clothes.  Sweaters, boots, jeans and leggings.  Husker sweatshirts, comfy track pants and turtlenecks.   Comfy jammies and slippers to end a long day.

I love our fireplace.  I love lighting a fire on a cold, autumn night.  I love the smell of the fireplace outside knowing how cozy it is on the inside of our house!  I love sitting with my little family and watching television or reading with the fire crackling in the background.

 I love my fall candles!  Apples, spice and pumpkins abound!!  Mmmmm!  And I love the ambiance and relaxing mood that they bring to every room.  Just makes you want to sit and stay awhile.

 I love the changing of the leaves and the loveliness that comes with each turning leaf.   Red leaves are my favorite!  But, I'll take the oranges and yellows too! :)  As long as they all come and stay awhile....I love them all!

I love a cold, rainy fall day.  I love the laziness that it affords me.  I love lighting a fire, making some hot apple cider and letting it fill the house with a heavenly aroma!  I love watching a movie or reading a book while the rain pitter-patters against the roof and windows.  I love the grey, cloudy days and knowing I, and my family are warm, safe and dry inside our beautiful home.  One of the things I most look forward to about fall!  Those lazy, cold, rainy days and the warmth and coziness found inside. :)

Every year, I "FALL" in love with fall all over again!  It doesn't get any better than this time of year!  After the dog-days of summer and the heat and humidity that hovers over the heartland just makes the cool, crisp days of autumn that much more wonderful!

For me, it's the most WONDER-FALL time of the year!   It truly is the years last loveliest smile. 

“Of course, fall isn't just about preparing for winter. It's also about sitting on the patio in a worn wool sweater and warming your hands over the swirl of steam rising from a coffee cup. It's about walking across a darkened yard and seeing a flight of geese cross the face of
a full moon. It's about settling in, relishing sights and sensations of a world slowing
Brent Olson

Until next time and an autumn state of mind....


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