Thursday, August 22, 2013

Working 9 to 5! (Ok, really only 9 to 11!)

Well, today I taught my first face-to-face class in about 5 years!  Nolan was only like 2 or 3 when I started teaching online full-time.  Time flies!  With him in school all day, I've been thinking about getting back in the classroom and possibly working outside of the home full time again.  When WIT and West Monona offered me this position to teach in the classroom this year their AP English courses, I jumped at the chance!  I am out of the home and get some adult time, but I don't have to be away from home all day.  So I start at 9 and then I'm done by 11.  Home by noon!  Perfect!   And that's just two days per week on Tuesday and Thursday.  The other two days Monday and Wednesday I'm online with the students.  So it's a Hybrid course.  And they're paying my mileage to drive there and back the 2 days per week!  Again....perfect!

So today was day one of the new JOB!   Start time 9am!  First time getting up and ready for work in the early morning since I worked at the Dana College Library in 2002!  So, I was up at 7:15 and ready to roll at 8:00am.  Nolan and I were out the door and I was on the road to Onawa at 8:05 after dropping off the little man at school.  I was nervous but excited too!   Smooth sailing except for some road construction outside of Soldier, Iowa.  But, I made it in time with time to spare!

My traveling companions.  Coffee and my favorite Coach briefcase!  It's been with me since I started teaching 10 years ago!  Trusty and faithful companions! 

Heading out of Woodbine! On my way!

Time is a little off.  I DID actually leave at 8:05!  Silly Outlander! are a friend of mine!  (And will be this entire year!)  I'm sure I'll be breaking out the Nespresso from time-to-time too!

This is where I'll be every Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the school year.  WMHS! 

Heading into the building!  Sorry no Grease 2 dancing!  But I was humming it to myself. :)

Yep, I'm the creepy stalker taking pictures of the building!  Don't mind me! 

Nothing to see here officer.   Just taking some pics for my blog!  

Kidding.  There was no officer!  But there was a lady driving really slow in front of me stopping and looking at houses with For Sale signs.  I should have taken a picture of that too.   Ok, maybe not good blog material.  But darn it multiple pictures of West Monona High School are!  I stand by that! :)

New School Clothes!  Or as I like to call it, work attire. 

My cute hot pink sandals!  Fancy! 

Fancy shoes for the first day! 

Seriously, I love these sandals!  And the skirt!

Happy after my first day!  Looking forward to the rest of the year! 

So the day went good.  Very good! Taught two Comp I courses and have a good group of students in both classes.  Everyone was very helpful, accommodating and welcoming!  Couldn't have gone better!  I'm so excited for this new opportunity and thankful to God for this blessing.  He is good!  I'll keep you posted on how the year is going.  

Until then....


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