Friday, August 16, 2013

Tomorrow we'll go to the fair!

The Iowa State Fair that is!!  

Happy Friday, friends!  (Or what's left of it)  So, tomorrow we'll be getting up bright and early and making the trek 2 hours to Des Moines, Iowa for the Iowa State Fair.  I've never been, my hubby has never been, therefore our son has never been.  So we're going with my mom/dad and sister/fiancé to the state fair for the first time!  Looking forward to it!  Should be fun!  Oh and there are literally 64 things to eat on a stick!!  Wha!?  Yep, you read that right....64 THINGS!!  Holy cow!  Sign me up!  Ok, not for ALL 64 things, but there are several on that list I'd like to check out fo sho! :)

So this is what we'll see and then some....

World-famous butter cow!  And other exhibits! 

 The livestock and large vegetables will be a must! 

I know we won't get out of there without Nolan riding some rides!  I could do a spin on the ferris wheel with my sweetie! :)

Oh and then the food on a stick!  Yes, oh yes....there will be food....and it will be on a stick!  Yum!

Obviously these are pics taken from the fair website, but I will have some of my own to share once we return probably next week!  I still need to post some pics of our new toy!!  I LOVE it!  But until's off to the fair we go! :)

Have a great Saturday, friends! 


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