Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Today kicked off the most wonderful (ok, ONE of the Most Wonderful) times of the year!  Especially for Nebraska fans!!  It's Game Day in Nebraska!   I love, love, LOVE this time of year!
I love me some Nebraska football! 

 I married a Nebraska boy, went to University of Nebraska (UNL), have one of my degrees from the University of Nebraska and was raised from birth to be a Nebraska fan even though we live (and I was born and raised) in Iowa.

My dad has been a Husker fan since he was little (and he was born/raised in Iowa, too) and in the tractor helping my grandfather, my dad would listen to the Huskers play on the radio.  So now it runs in my blood as much as his!  We bleed Husker RED in our family!   We proudly fly the flag on game days!  And have multiple outdoor Husker decor around our home to please our neighbors!  Most are Iowa fans. Boo!

So we sit now and watch the game.  Funny, we're sitting at my sister's home with her fiance, Mark and he is a die-hard Iowa Hawkeye fan!  Ha!!  Give us time....we'll turn him!  Just give us time! :)

 See....Husker-Loving through-and-through!!  

 So next to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, THIS is the BEST time of year!  Sing it with me, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!" 

So now for about 3 months, if I need to find my hubby, he's in our basement watching Nebraska football or college football of some kind.  I won't be watching anything else with him except the Huskers!  Here's to a good season, Nebraska fans!! 

Until Next time Friends, and until next Saturday.....Go Big Red!!! 


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