Monday, August 19, 2013

New Toys are the BEST! And it's not even Christmas!

Ok, so playing catchup a little here.  I mentioned that we got a new toy last week upon our return home from vacation.  I forgot that it would be waiting for us, so I was so surprised and excited to see the box on the front porch when we got home!   After unpacking and starting laundry, we finally took the time to open the box and see our beauty inside!

Here is the lovely box waiting for us to dive in!

 And here it is....


This beauty comes with a built-in milk frother!  

All set up and it's in new home on the counter!  Shiny!! 

The milk is frothing away! 

Here comes the espresso!  Yum! 

With the milk added in and foam on top!  Just like Starbucks! :)
I add flavors to mine, too!  Delish! 

And what's a new espresso maker without some new mugs!?  
Here's mug #1 

If you look REALLY close, the name on this seaside shack/house says "Victoria!" That's me!!  
So I had to buy it!  I mean, it HAS my name on it! :)

This is mug number #2 (This was my new toy "preview" the other day!)

It even has the cutest little cross on the inside of the mug!  Love it!  

So there you have it!  2 mugs and a Nespresso!  Happy Days! And YUMMY mornings!

I don't think there's anything better than a big latte with a yummy flavoring on a cool fall morning!  (Although we busted it out right away and have been using it the past week!  So good!)  And with fall just around the corner, this was a great time to purchase our new toy!  Something we've been wanting for awhile now.  We've been good!  We deserve it! :) 

Do I dare say, "We love it a latte!?"  Oh wait...I just did. 

I'll get caught up with pics from the fair soon, too!  Tomorrow it's BACK TO SCHOOL time!  Yay!! :)


HWH said...

That looks so yummy! Can't wait to have a cup the next time I visit. Love the blog, btw...wonderful idea! Love you Cuz!

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