Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm Baaaaccckkkk!!

Well, I'm back and in the land of the living in case you were wondering.  It's always hard to get back into the swing of things when on vacation!  I know you all feel me on this, too!  Thanks for being patient!  At camp the WiFi was not good!  So when I could get on, I checked email and did what work I could so as not to get fired!  Other than that, I was pretty cut off.  But it was ok.  God's way of saying to slow down and enjoy life.  It was nice to be amongst nature (minus the bug bites all over my legs!!), be with my family, spend time with friends (old and new) and just slow down.   The weather was perfect and we couldn't have asked for anything better!  A great, great week!

First, I love Guthrie Grove.  It's home to me.  I've been going there since I was little with my family.  Now to be there with my own family is very special. 

Pardon the next set of pictures taken from the car!  But, you get this gist! :)

 Nolan loves it now, too!  He has his buddies that come every year and it's a special time for them to reunite and spend a whole week together hanging out and getting into trouble!  And just being boys! :)  


There are lots of things do and places to explore.  It's all family-centered and we like that!  

We had campfires every night....

There was swimming!  Lots of swimming! 

There was some work to do too.  Everyone has to help out! 

There was a hike....

The brave hikers ready to take on the Iowa wilderness! 

Getting instructions from Frank and Ted! 

 Off they go! 

The wilderness warriors return!

Emma couldn't quite finish so Frank gave her a lift! :)  That's my guy! 

Hot, sweaty and happy Nolan returns (he doesn't look happy because he's hot and thirsty!) :)

Off to score some water and go swimming! 

There was great services and on the last night the children gave a performance.  

Jesus Loves the Little Children!

Then there was the fun night swim!  (This is where I got bit up!)  
Frank says it's because I'm so sweet! :)

Night swimming is fun!  This year didn't disappoint!  The kids had SO much fun!!

God met us on that hill for the week and we felt him with us too.  It was a wonderful time and so spiritually fulfilling!  Very much needed!!

Already can't wait for next year!  

Well, that's about it for vacation.  We came home tired but happy.  Spent the weekend catching up on sleep and just lounging.  Ran a few errands on Sunday to get the week started.  

Nolan had a sleepover on Saturday night for Owen's birthday and came home exhausted!  This is him on the drive home from Omaha after running a few errands....

Tired Monkey!! :)

I'll post some other pics from the weekend soon, too!  We got a new "toy" and are loving it!  More to come on that!  Stay tuned!! :)

Here's a preview.....

Until next time....


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