Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I gotta go back, back, back to school again. Whoa, whoa, I gotta go... back to schoooool.....AGAIN!

And yes, that's from Grease 2.  I know all of you (Well, at least Alesha for sure) knew that!  One of my favorite movies!!  I think of that song every "Back to School" day.   This year it applies to both Nolan and me.  But, more on me later.  First, it was back to school time for Nolan on Tuesday.  He started the second grade which means he's quite the big boy!  Not our baby anymore that's for sure!  But, come on moms....let's face it....they'll always be our babies! :)

The night before the school had their open house so we got to see his room and meet his teacher.  Nolan had quote the entourage with mommy, daddy, Aunt Alesha and soon-to-be Uncle Mark!  He's a well-loved child that's for sure!

Here are some open house pictures:  
New Desk! 

New Backpack!  Go Big Red! 

 Standing beside his desk.  And very proud! 

 His very own locker!  No sharing this year for the first time! 

Mrs. Klein's 2nd Grade Room

 There's Nolan's little bird (orange w/ light blue wings) in the flock! 

He's a big boy this year so it's up to the 2nd floor they go!  Very exciting!  Same stairs and hall that I walked many years ago! 

 Here are pictures from the first day of school!

Our "little" man!  In his new clothes!

That's either "peace" or 2nd grade!

Had to give me the "gun show!" 

So cute! 

Backpack on and ready to go! 

Awww yeah!  Go Big Red!  

He's such a goofball!  Love this picture! 

Mommies attire of choice!  Boston Red Sox hat from Aunt Alesha!  Because bed hair just isn't pretty folks.  Oh and the sunglasses are behind me on the dining room table ready to go! 

Izzie saying goodbye to per pal!

In the car ready to get the show on the road!

Heading into the school and looking like such a BIG boy!  

Up the stairs!  Seriously, he was SO excited to get to go upstairs this year!  SO excited!  

At the top of the stairs and ready to head to his new room! 

Hanging his bag in his new locker!

Standing by his locker.  That's an obligatory picture every year! 

At his new desk.

Mrs. Klein's Room

Mrs. Klein's desk

New school shoes!  He was told many times "NO!" that he couldn't wear them and today he got the "YES!"

New desk and new folder!  He's love that folder too!  Yep, we were the first ones there, too!  

Nolan with Mrs. Klein!  It'll be interesting to take a picture of him and her at the end of the year and just how big he will have gotten!  

Mrs. Eby's wall/room (she's the other 2nd grade teacher).  I just liked her apple basket! 

A quick picture of Woodbine Community School as I left our munchkin for his first day of the new school year!   Happy Back to School everyone!  

Now for me.  I started back to school writing my dissertation in July. No big deal.  Same old story.  The REAL back-to-school story for me is that tomorrow (Thursday) I start teaching AP English classes at West Monona High School in Onawa, Iowa!  I am teaching them for Western Iowa Tech Community College (WIT).  I will be at the school 2 days per week and online the other 2 days!  It's a full year contract too!  I super excited!  I haven't been in the classroom to teach for almost 5 years now!  Wow!!  I'm pretty nervous too.  But mostly excited!  It's a great school, the staff is nice and the Principal is Awesome!!  Can't wait to meet the student tomorrow morning.  I teach 2 sections of Comp I this term, then Comp 2 and lastly Introduction to Literature to round out the year.  Yay!   So that's my big news so it's Back to School tomorrow for me, too!  Better get my sleep and wear my new clothes!  Which I do have a new skirt I'll be wearing!  Fancy! :) 

And because I mentioned it earlier, here's a little blast from the past for your entertainment pleasure!  

Back to School Again (1982) - Grease 2

And, yes, I'm going to do that dance on my way into the school tomorrow whilst singing this song. 

And, I'm considering doing my hair like Miss Mason's for Alesha's wedding.  

But truthfully, I WILL be watching this movie tomorrow when I get home from teaching while I'm prepping courses for my online teaching that starts next week and grading.  Just saying.  It's such a FAB movie!  

Later, friends!  Happy Back-to-School! 


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