Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dissertation Musings....(Because after awhile of mind-numbing boredom the brain tends to wander!)

First, I wanted to share who my helper was again today while working on my dissertation:

Izzie-pup came to "help!"  She is just the sweetest dog!  She, like Cooper, our older dog, is always by my side.  She's my little shadow!  And literally she's a shadow sometimes because if it's dark enough....I can't see her! :)  The picture above is her under the desk at my feet!  She sometimes can't get close enough!  Little lover!!  Cooper came down to visit, but Miss Izzie stayed right by my side and with me the whole time.  Good reason not to go to the library!  I don't have my sidekick with me at the UNO library!  And that's a bummer! :)

This is from Cooper's visit.  Look at those sad "please pay attention to me!" eyes!  He's my baby!  My first boy!  I can't resist those eyes and that face! :)

I realized that when writing this dissertation or really anything, I LOVE a good highlighter!

 Yellow is my preference but really anything will do.  I found this pack o' fun in my office and got giddy with excitement!  Holy highlighters!  That's a whole lot of fun right there!  I can highlight the days away now!!

I still haven't packed for vacation or even started laundry.  My kitchen is a mess too, but dinner is being cooked as we "speak."  But, no, there hasn't been any vacay packing or laundry!  Ruh-roh!  Tomorrow!  Or Saturday.  Haven't decided.  We leave Sunday for church camp at Guhtrie Center, Iowa for the week so I still have time!  But I know me....I'll still be running around like a chicken with my head cut off come Sunday morning when we should be packing the car!  (Somewhere my husband is laughing, smiling and nodding his head about this too!) :)  But, my dear, sweet, uber-organized mother is bringing me her camp list so I can have it to make sure I have everything we need and can get what we don't!  I can also put those lovely little "checks" next to the packed items!

Another musing:  I love a good list!  Diz (That would be our nickname for mom which is short for Juddizzle) is the best! :)

And lastly, I'm a procrastinator.  I have procrastinated working on this all day!  And now I can think of a million other things I'd rather be doing or need to be doing!  And it's raining outside (which is good), but it makes me want to lay on the couch as watch a movie!  But, I've come to accept my procrastinating ways as apart of me and make it work.  I just have to work harder when I do get to it!

I love this quote!

 But, I did get some more research done, worked out the start of my topic, problem statement and potential research questions and study/methodology so that's a good start!  And I guess a good day.  It's been such a crappy couple of years with things in my/our life (more on that later), that I consider anything with this dissertation a victory!  And really baby steps are what I have to take at this point.  It's not "if" I finish, it's WHEN I finish!  Slow and steady wins the race!

Preach it Teddy! :)

And those are my musings for today.  Here's to finishing the day off strong! Or at the very least in my chair, my hubby with me (probably on the couch), a good show on TV, the little man sleeping soundly, the pups snoozing around us, a glass of something in my hand and a good nights sleep on the horizon. :)


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