Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday!

1. Playing dress up!  
Today we got to play dress up with another one of the bridesmaids, our mom and the flower girl.  It was SO fun!   Katie looked adorable, my mom and Julie looked beautiful!  Everyone left happy!  Here's the flower girl with mom and with Julie.  She is so cute and sweet!  And will be the most adorable flower girl!  She had so much fun playing dress up too!  I think she tried on more dresses than the bridesmaids! :)  Ahhh....dress up.  It's fun for all ages! ;)

2. Corn on the cob season!
It's summer, it's Iowa and it's corn on the cob season!  Is there really anything better?  Probably not!  Not in the summertime!  Had some tonight with BBQ ribs for dinner!  Yum!  Love it!

3.  Vacation! 
Tomorrow we start doing laundry and packing for our vacation!  Packing stinks but vacation rocks!  So I'll suck it up and do what I need to do for the sake of our vacation!  But I may whine a little and scuff my feet while doing it.  Just saying.  That's me.  Can't wait to get away with my family for our vacation to church camp for the week!  Spiritual, personal and mental fulfillment and fun.  Can't ask for anything better!

4.  School Registration!
Today I registered our little man for school!  Can't believe it's that time already!  AND he's going to be in the 2nd grade!!  Wow!  Time does fly!   He's very excited to start school and be in the second grade. He's changed so much this past year too!  He's just looking like such a big boy everyday!  But, he'll always be my matter how big he gets! :)

5.  Sleeping in, coffee and a pedicure!
Tomorrow is Saturday and I get to sleep in!  Then get up and have coffee.  Yummy, yummy coffee with flavored creamer.  Then I am having a pre-vacation pedicure!  Yay!  Sleeping in, coffee and pretty toes!  Sounds like a good Saturday to me!  Minus the packing! :)

And there's another Five on Friday!   

Enjoy! :)


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