Thursday, July 25, 2013

There's no crying in baseball! Dissertation writing, sure. But, baseball? Absolutely not!

First, I have to say how happy and excited I am that my favicon is visible now!  Jenn said it might take a few days for the coding to work its magic so patiently I've waited!  And today it's there!  If you don't know what a "favicon" is, (trust me, I didn't either), it's the little picture next to the URL.  So mine is a little window like on my header that Jenn designed.  If you don't' have one designed, you just have the "B" for the Blogspot.  But, I wanted something unique and special!  I deserve that right!?  So, Jenn, my Fab designer made me my very own little favicon window!  Yay!

Ok, now that we've covered that, I want to share my thoughts on something. And it's this...."There's no crying in baseball!" This is one of my favorite scenes in a movie:

 And today, I literally yelled this to myself in my basement office as I worked on my dissertation.  Only substitute baseball for dissertation. "Vicki, there's no crying in dissertation writing!" Then I said, (again, to myself, because well, I talk to myself a lot while writing this dissertation.) "I beg to differ!"  There may be no crying in baseball, folks, but there sure as heck is in dissertation writing and I can attest to that!  Many times over!  It's hard.  Hard, hard work!  When they tell us, or you hear that they don't just give doctorate degrees away.... they're right!  Whoever "they" are. They say you EARN a doctorate degree and again, I can attest to this.  You earn it through tears, lots of tears, frustrations, ups, downs, fears, feelings of inadequacy, anger, shame, heartache and loneliness among other things.

I've sat now for 4 hours in my office researching, reading, combing through research and note taking.  I'm beat!  Although I feel like I could go run a race!  So I'm mentally exhausted but physically pumped because of sitting in one place for so long!  I may have to use the ole' exercise room to its fullest tonight!  Lookout treadmill and elliptical!!  So today, there's no crying....there's earning.  I'm earning this degree whether it kills me or not.  And yes, there will be more tears.  I can promise you that!  Just not today.

And yes, this year in baseball I said that line to our son, probably more times than I care to admit!  Because there may be crying in disseration work, but did we learn nothing from Tom Hanks!?  "There's no crying in baseball!" :)

So this was my day.  My MacBook Air, dual computer monitors, lots and lots of research, my pup, Izzie laying on the floor next to me, Pandora Radio playing and of course my Diet Coke!  Thinking juice! ;)  Happy Thursday.  But tomorrow is Friday, so things are looking up! :)

Awww....note taking and research!

Multi-tasking at its finest!  Pandora helps to pass the time too! :)

Izzie pup is passed out! 

And since I love Tom Hanks and all of comedic goodness, and because we're on the subject of baseball and this movie, and well, because I have an "I'm gonna win!" attitude today, here is another gem....

Gosh I love Tom Hanks!  He's genius! :)


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