Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dissertations, Bewitched, Pretty Wicked Moms & James Van Der Beek! What!? (Now that's a post I can get into!)

Well, today I'm working on my dissertation.  Still!  I took about 6 months off for very personal reasons and this summer brought myself back in the game.  I may be sidelined, but I'm never out!   BUT, I forgot how taxing and time-consuming of a process it was.  Well, I didn't really "forget" so much as I just pushed it to the back of my mind.  Now it's back in the forefront and I'm wanting to rebel!  Seriously!  I know I need to get something done today, but I can't find my groove.  Why can't I just snap my fingers and have it done!  Or twitch my nose!   Come on Samantha where are you when I need you?!

Fine, Samantha!  You win!  I need to just drag my bum from my cozy chair and head to my basement office and start doing some research.   Here I go.....any second now.....I'm can't stop me!  Ugh, Fine!  I now imagine myself stomping off like a child.  I guess when they give me the title of Dr. I shouldn't remember this finest of moments! :)

 But, a dissertation or really anything won't get done sitting here watching my new obsession, "Pretty Wicked Moms" on Lifetime.  But, damn those ladies are entertaining!  Holy cow!   I personally enjoy the one who brings her freaking dog to the play dates and everything else!  What the!?  Seriously she needs to get a grip!  Or the divorced mom who brings her like 11 year old daughter to play dates with 2 and 3 year olds!  Can we say DB (Designated Babysitter!)!!  Seriously!  This show is a cry for help and honestly makes me feel smarter than I probably am (my 7 year old is probably smarter than these women truth be told!), but I LOVE watching it!  I've always thought Alesha and I would make an interesting reality show.  Heck, our whole freaking family would!  The Real Housewives of Woodbine!  Oh, plenty of viewership there, ya'll!   Ok, enough of that.  But, if you want to take like an hour and help remember that you and your life are normal and not so bad, please watch this show. It will renew your faith in your own life.  I promise!  And it's darn entertaining!

These women are straight-up crazy!  And I like it! :) 

Ok, so off I go to get something....anything done.  At least until Alesha gets here to workout in my FAB exercise room! (I'll share more on that later, too.)  Got to get in shape for the wedding in November!  It'll be here before we know it.  Bridesmaid dress shopping Saturday!  That should be interesting since I'm nowhere near the size I want to be!!  But I digress! :/

So on that note, I'll close, but I can't leave without sharing something that brought me a laugh today.  Here you go....hope you get a chuckle too! :)

Oh James!  I still love you!  And this commercial cracks me up!! 

Have a good day, friends!


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